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She was the prettiest hell I had ever been in, I didn’t mind burning at all
RT @HealingMB: Soldier carrying his service dog down a mountain because it was 117 degrees and the rocks were burning his paws. He… https://t.co/FszeSZ4x91
Heather burning on Middle Moss seen from Stanage Edge #peakdistrict #derbyshire #whitepeakhttps://t.co/jfSuU8Kw1J
@bitesizecutey Kirk Cousins just called Joe Flacco and told him he’s burning his “Elite Qb” book
@OrangeVulgarian @tedlieu @realDonaldTrump Yeah you tell him Vulgarian. I guess the bar is set so low if Trump isn… https://t.co/TOuLKZxEaL
RT @ExperiencePerth: Burning orange skies falling over Perth. What a sight! Photo credit to @perthbydrone (via IG), thanks for taking th… https://t.co/QXYoUo5Lvp
iaksjajsjsjsj burning my whole room omd imagineeeee https://t.co/Fy8lNlVPo2
“RYAN started the fire ! Its always been burning since the world’s been turning“ https://t.co/QEXoWciSyh
RT @iambrillyant: when the flame i had for you stops burning, it's hard to reignite me again. it's hard to refuel my passion, it's h… https://t.co/RBh3x3X7MX
The only thing I’m burning is your brand. https://t.co/3XyIcMSEib
my eyes are burning from editing
@GaryLineker its well known fact that Gary spends his weekends hunting animals and burning plastics in his local woods :)
RT @Education4Libs: Conservatives didn’t really stop talking to liberals. It was the liberals who became insanely hostile towards conse… https://t.co/w5uEZWIVBM
RT @basemn63: A group of #Israel Jews burning Israel 🇮🇱 in #Jerusalem. #IsraelNews #BDS https://t.co/B5ix0vXwae
RT @misoko26: ユノの優しい歌声が好き😢 #YUNHOSOLO 🍓 YUNHO Burning Down U-KNOW DROP 유노윤호 정윤호 #Meloholic #ユノ https://t.co/39tkTjnLcZ
@FLOOWZEN @MoonAE__ @Burning_Heads Merci beaucoup !
@TPSharpe Was David Cameron the first to pick up a chainsaw to repair a schism in the Tory party? The chain is bein… https://t.co/ijs9HiHLLw
RT @etnow: .@BTS_twt answers fans' biggest burning questions! https://t.co/uQU9WdvkMF https://t.co/A6GW8tyojV
@AkanyLP @MoonAE__ @Burning_Heads Dommage, peut être un jour qui sait !
RT @shannondrewthis: Been swamped w/ projects, non stop book editing, & con season for the past 3 months so these lil comics are my way… https://t.co/6oOtltBvwE
RT @CamrynSullivann: my fingers are burning because they haven't been uncrossed since the fourth quarter started #WASvsNO
parent teenager covert sexual abuse anal burning sensation https://t.co/tbmEyb9SuF
What’s hot about it? I’m embarrassed to be a fan. You should to. Let the burning of jerseys and apparel commence https://t.co/xH6fshpJ9k