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@brycetache Your out of your damn mind.
Watching Bo Burnham “Make Happy” on Netflix. Hilarious!
in a turn of events that surprises absolutely no one, i think im in love with bo burnham
@tricialorrene @kyliecosmetics Can u subscribe to my YouTube I have Kylie context
@PeruvianHottie8 @kyliecosmetics Hey can u subscribe to my YouTube I have Kylie context
A marriage should be built on the great expectation of eternity.
i try to forget everything about my middle school experience but the new bo burnham movie eighth grade looks really fucking good
@goingglocal Take away our guns to protect ourselves and only the criminals will have them. Why don’t you people ge… https://t.co/mpn6AizC1E
RT @DevinSenaUI: Hugh Hefner mainstreams porn ⬇️ Hefner funds lower court cases to Roe v Wade ⬇️ Porn furthers culture that objecti… https://t.co/eJXqd4V3RB
@meg_mraz i literally thought the same thing like i just squealed
@johnb78 The notion that Andy Burnham would have been smashing the Tories by stridently opposing Brexit is really quite laughable.
@lexi_burnham this did not get enough recognition when i first tweeted it hahahha i still laugh at it
@Varela_Nutella boy ainda tou a sentir a cena do bob burnham
RT @humandisatser: for some reason my family owns a copy of bo burnham’s book and a dvd of the first season of b99 that have been sitt… https://t.co/4dCqeDtbLi
Just saw Eighth Grade w/ my best friend who I went to middle school with. My sister Kaia is going into 7th grade -… https://t.co/C49kfN4dGv
RT @TheLarryFried: EIGHTH GRADE is wonderful, a beautifully awkward directorial debut from Burnham and a delightfully simple story abo… https://t.co/U8E1cwFleg
RT @JayChpJones: Brennan is crapping his pants, he is one of the people Hillary is referencing. Trump is about to expose all their… https://t.co/PYnIELkmYA
@MarkDice Soon there will be no more CNN