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RT @alaskanewsnow: Good Samaritan cleans graffiti from park strip train https://t.co/urRNfDi0Ax #alaska https://t.co/tq3ty8BiRy
RT @adndotcom: Frank Perez said seeing the vandalized train on the Anchorage Park Strip angered him. So he decided to act.… https://t.co/MbCELZpwes
RT @ClimateReality: You might have heard natural gas is a safe “bridge fuel” to clean energy. It’s not. https://t.co/Tu77gbhR77
RT @Yahoo: Alaska Airlines will phase out Virgin America brand: Here’s what customers can expect https://t.co/GrotnZLxfR https://t.co/21n28hxny3
RT @sairamu1532: CB-1 Alaska 完成 (4枚目は実際の写真 #NavalCraft http://t.co/MQqCSSCOnk
Lucienne Bauch | American Indian or Alaska Native, Female, 7 ft, 1 in
水曜どうでしょう 北極圏突入 アラスカ半島620マイル 第2夜  https://t.co/d6RA0ifv3O  https://t.co/MPSy7nj50p
Der #40 Wochenrückblick: #Electronicsban • Condor & Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan • Keine L… https://t.co/OuC2ti8Xov https://t.co/v0f4AcHIfv
RT @peta: HELP! Wolf families need you. If this bill passes, they could be gunned down at home. Write to your senators here:… https://t.co/2ZSEVXlFVw
RT @SierraClub: The Senate passed a resolution that literally allows people to kill baby wolves & grizzlies. That’s no hyperbole https://t.co/ToromWSDt8
North Korea could strike Alaska: US Cmdr. https://t.co/LCOjVUpbXl
I swear I have the weirdest conversations at 3 am.... 😂😂😂
Proud of my former boss, U.S. Senator Lisa #Murkowski of #Alaska! ELLE's 2017 Women in Washington https://t.co/n03EsZorKq via @ELLEmagazine
@AngryAsAllFuck @JohnathanMulroo ..He went to retire in alaska, but Colonel Campbell will be calling soon.. https://t.co/StL3wlKkBj
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Alaska go to sleep
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RT @WorldAnimalNews: Congress approved the killing of hibernating bears & cubs, also wolves & pups in #Alaska. Contact you senator today… https://t.co/dEo65dMEGN
Ohh how I miss Alaska. Here in arizona your not even allowed to shoot off fireworks without a ticket. https://t.co/3cDbzlSfAH
RT @alyonapopova: C 2000 года каждому жителю Аляски с нефтяных доходов выплатили по $24774. В штате много нефти - могут себе позволит… https://t.co/l6TdZ6c3LT