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RT @inuppara0720: この間森心言主催のフェスにシークレットゲストで参加して、Alaska Jamの演奏でフリースタイルしてめっちゃイキってイキってイキり倒してる僕の動画載せときます。ちぇけらー。 https://t.co/uSRoYrKHMy
@DSDeputyMarshal @stang_michael @SolarTJChick @hawkaire_clt @debbiethetexan @milania1997 @dianerossstyle… https://t.co/saPv7hJGn4
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RT @catsfaith: fog with fog McKinley Tower Apartments Rooftop - View is toward the East from northwestwebcams site for alaska https://t.co/vk3ub1jGdH
RT @iEnterate: Parecen dos fotos pero no, es una foto en Alaska https://t.co/EGY0e7CUc9
I showed my stepdad the Let It Snow bts and again he was like "Well it sucks that Alaska isn’t there"
@JimCantore Does that show how many degrees above usual Alaska will be? Do I see 15°? Or higher? Yikes!
@jakecepp Exactly, in Alaska they all call snowmobiles “ Snow Machines “ it was funny to hear!
RT @alic_sen: Two bears look curiously into the distance near Lake Clark, Alaska 🐻 |📷 - Jonathan Irish https://t.co/1FhpcVcRc4
RT @iEnterate: Parecen dos fotos pero no, es una foto en Alaska https://t.co/EGY0e7CUc9
RT @Frommers: On #NationalUglySweaterDay, #Alaska Airlines will be rewarding your hideous holiday knits with this travel perk!… https://t.co/5n8fUVtlGE
@stang_michael @SolarTJChick @debbiethetexan @TruckerTiny @milania1997 @dianerossstyle @DSDeputyMarshal… https://t.co/V45gcx0AmG
RT @wxjerdman: Mostly for entertainment this far out, but if these forecast ensemble mean temperature anomalies verify, #Florida w… https://t.co/T4oabVcmS9
Parecen dos fotos pero no, es una foto en Alaska https://t.co/EGY0e7CUc9
Balto, who saved the lives of the team he guided to Nenana, Alaska, where they delivered a serum vital to stopping… https://t.co/T0qebCtPLL
RT @USArmy: .@7thID first organized at Camp Wheeler, Ga. Jan. 1, 1918. Now #7thID is located at #JointBaseLewisMcChord, Wash. a… https://t.co/ayCy3s5SIC
RT @MatthewMaddux: This city in Alaska is warming so fast, algorithms removed the data because it seemed unreal | Prince George Citizen https://t.co/KRazxe2vys
@joimonki @SlythSeeker2017 @rabblerouserjr @ekcj1234 @Goss30Goss @gettinnoticedmo @romanticskeptc @2017Gamora… https://t.co/3DnC5FSu3O
Explore Iñupiat Culture First Hand in Zoé Lamazou & Victor Gurrey’s Interactive Doc ‘A Whaling Season in Alaska’… https://t.co/JeFv4vce6L
negara mana yang awak teringin sangat nak pergi? — Macam kenal je soalan ni 😏 for me, i'll choose Alaska ❄ cuz of t… https://t.co/64ErmrC5A9
RT @princealiz: Floridians: I DONT understand why we can’t have cold weather for December like it doesn’t even FEEL like Christmas… https://t.co/OVZgUpr8DA
RT @Kimo_zag: @Wafahajoui Ahhhhhh mon dieu Ils remettent ça encore une fois.... J'vais m'exiler en Alaska https://t.co/rg5oIXjhDF
RT @pepesgrandma: @pepesgrandma Blackbox experimented where they changed the outcome of the entire state of Alaska for a pres race. https://t.co/VxRNQ41iJo