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Salmon Run in Alaska, 2015. by BobbyCock https://t.co/Twe7uK28od
People are heartbroken over Alaska Airlines' decision to retire Virgin America https://t.co/7bRREyjYIq
RT @Climatologist49: Comparison of earthquake energy released during March 27, 1964, Alaska earthquake vs. all Lower 48 earthquakes sinc… https://t.co/mSB9HOqntJ
(2) @ElsarioD ... Alaska, that will be the demise of the Arab nations.
@RedNationRising @Alaska_Guy_01 @FoxNews DirtyDems screaming abt Russians spying on em it was a diversion Cover up their corruption W/Russia
RT @Akhockey01: Congrats to the Alaska All Stars 12U Peewee Minor 2004 team who won the 12U Minor ASHA state championship Sunday in… https://t.co/iFVgnakQ7b
RT @insideclimate: Three months after a pipeline started leaking methane into Cook Inlet, AK, some big steps toward stopping the leak. https://t.co/YG7FXZNEEd
RT @NRDC: #ICYMI: Republicans in Congress passed legislation to allow inhumane hunting practices on Alaska's wildlife refuges. https://t.co/5vyOWZPSwP
Cook Inlet: #Oil Platforms Powered by #Leaking #Alaska Pipeline Forced to Shut Down https://t.co/Zarn8PpfqU
AirfareSpot: xo_dymond Travel and explore amazing Alaska :)
RT @FSologists_AK: Spring is coming and so is Alaska's most delightful & amazing birds. Thursday on @aprn Outdoor Explorers… https://t.co/oJwkbMv5Fj
RT @RoBelenAcosta: Temperaturas que se manejan en las aulas de la UM: Calor desierto de Sahara o frío Alaska.
I have literally seen the sun take a different arc around the sky over several months in Alaska. Flat Earthers are batshit crazy birthers.
Eu só queria ir no show da Detox, Katya e Alaska para escutar Read U Wrote U Ps: se tiver a Roxxxy eu saio mais cedo pq não sou obrigada
RT @geuchier: @gustavohs2010 @trafficVALENCIA USA va a construir el ducto Alaska Washington , por que no discutimos el modelo económico que necesitamos ?
Map lovers behold! Discover 28,000 miles of previously unmapped streams in the Mat-Su Basin https://t.co/OlGA1s3BMqhttps://t.co/VRMqPE8QkI
The snaps I get from my friend in Alaska never cease to make me laugh. https://t.co/WjTQr2cYoZ
W17 Season, Week 11 - Houston Hyenas @ Alaska Storm w/ Andy Hamilton @simulationfl https://t.co/AiLZdrAa1u