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69.5, -144.2 Nuke please. Target northern Alaska Mon Jan 21 14:36:01 UTC 2019
69.6, -144.0 Nuke please. Target northern Alaska Mon Jan 21 14:36:00 UTC 2019
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why is it -15 degrees out rn does this look like Alaska to u god
@knnthpnlc @punished_picnic You already know I'd like to see Looking For Alaska. Uhm All Fall Down siguro, Asylum t… https://t.co/W9UWoDMCdt
Alaska,Fl 🥶
RT @Kinglrg_: Your birth month decides your next moving spot. Where you going? January: England February: idaho March: Africa… https://t.co/2S2yRUuS04
Trump's wilderness deal will decimate the "most important wildlife refuge in all of Alaska" https://t.co/dbOg0ddoy1 via @MotherJones
RT @aeberman12: Conventional Lower 48 States production has declined 60% from 7.8 to 3.1 mmb/d. Lower 48 + Alaska + Offshore produc… https://t.co/hcv2uFl5uz
RT @hansilowang: One year from today, the #2020census officially starts in Toksook Bay, Alaska -- home to some of "the luckiest peop… https://t.co/fS1ANdPyvO
RT @sheepswing: #ウルフムーン だからあんまり登場の機会がない子達を! オオカミ好きなのに作る機会が少ないのよね・・ティーカップウルフはファンタジー枠に入れていいのかどうなのか(^_^;) #羊毛フェルト https://t.co/imQCBA9bnJ
RT @georgiabluesman: @LisaMei62 Yes, we are now living in the Disinformation Age. Media outlets have become unabashed propagandists for… https://t.co/iV7qcLBAAm
Featured Art of the Day: "Alaska Mountain". Buy it at: https://t.co/muOGwEAmms https://t.co/sXOTyrMcOB
RT @thebookpages: Looking For Alaska, by John Green! 😍 https://t.co/alSFDVZND9
porque é que riven parece a alaska
all I wanted in life was to hear alaska sing alone and zombie some day and she sang BOTH on the same night yea I st… https://t.co/TKpw2LR3Ge
RT @WagliO_O: Happy Sunday 🏔 Glennallen, Alaska 🌨 (📸: by Niaz Uddin) https://t.co/NjjyeFV9iO
14412AA451 for Subaru Forester 2.0L Saab 9-2X Aero Turbocharger TD04L-13T Sales https://t.co/rzijFQtlGt https://t.co/li1bSiypUI
Feel like I'm in Alaska eating moose with the Palins 😢 https://t.co/EYtsaMNyu7
Anchorage, Alaska
@silvamauroo Thelma y Louise Punto límite (!!!) Esperando la carroza Forest Gum Volver al futuro (sii) Titanic… https://t.co/aa5GMqLmxq