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RT @JJLittleMonster: ¿Que me hacen una figura de cera peor que una mierda? Pues les enseño cómo hacerlo como dios manda. https://t.co/TZi78YfNzG
RT @Uber_Pix: The Gulf of Alaska, where two oceans meet, but do not mix! https://t.co/aNThItcUrN
Totally missed the first snow because I was asleep XD #snow #anchorage #winter2017 #Alaska
RT @Swinger_Cruise: Enjoy luxury on this bucket list trip with TSC @LLVClub. Crystal Cruise Line was voted the World's #1 Cruise Line!… https://t.co/L7KgmAAlsI
@yonekuragejima @5578251A ほっこりするww
@rubicornio @josedavidhcu parece alvaro kruse con 70 kilos d +.
RT @VegasHosts: On #ThisDayInHistory in 1867, U.S. takes possession of Alaska. Read More https://t.co/HH9iEUXG0Q via @History
RT @LugaresConMagia: Seward es un pueblo pequeñito de Alaska. Esta ciudad se destruyó casi completamente en 1964 con un maremoto después… https://t.co/XiehLCtBa8
@tdmjgmdaj ちなみに何階からボス2体ナンスカ・・・・!?
Take me back to zip lining in Alaska 🗻 https://t.co/AweZKkIRmA
Help! Donate In Venezuela we need your help. https://t.co/jyt1EDxw5q #Alabama, #Alaska, #Arizona, #USA
GOP-Controlled Senate Paves Way for Oil Drilling in Alaska s Arctic National Wildlife… https://t.co/ONQ1wOx29K
RT @kimkartrasshian: If you remember this u are old as fuck https://t.co/wNioRz20eS
July Was Record Hot For Parts Of Alaska And The West - Shared from https://t.co/xz6ojgwiaq. [… https://t.co/Tjc1yKI3xV
@2525Zodiac やり込みが足りてないって事っすね! 弱音吐かずもうちょいがんばります!
RT @LI3PeO: Lamentable esto. ¿Quién va al Foster y pide agua? https://t.co/XqFIx67OYB
RT @kirstenxmckenna: how the FUCK were alaska n courtney act across from ma flat in picnic n a missed them am away
RT @w3sternkids: 27. everything that comes out of alaska's mouth is gold idc https://t.co/KYA8mL8b0V
秋の長雨から さらに台風が接近中。 しかしながらお店には、 いつも来て下さるお客様が何組も。 それを見て心温まるわたしたちです。 いつもありがとうございます。 台風、どうか大きな影響がありませんように。 全粒粉のスコーンが焼けまし… https://t.co/2Lz0UBY3nW
RT @aprn: State Attorney General rules that all 229 Alaska tribes are sovereign https://t.co/lEXF6NW83h by @ZachHughesAK
@Coldh4rt WTF, u in Alaska?
@CHICKENWater419 行きたいんだよwwだけどもだっけーど!
Paleobathymetric implications of microborings in Tertiary strata of Alaska, USA https://t.co/9MwAv7YdeA https://t.co/0raE3U6h7o
scared famous commercials keep coming on and alaska is in NONE of them. y’all are homophobic