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@aimiekins @MaraWilson Tea Bulldog? well thats concerning
@Gatty54 That;s the bulldog spirit Gatty.... you sound like Norman 'Bites Yer Legs" Hunter....
RT @gordonhayward: Once a Bulldog, always a Bulldog. We’re back in the tournament @ButlerMBB. That #ButlerMentality will take you far!… https://t.co/d4vvv7IIff
Stan English Bulldog & French Bulldog puppies!! We have males/females ready to go!!! 606-524-5758 Or... https://t.co/gSz0KvY09V
[VIDEO] Bulldog frances y su dueño cantan en el coche Diamonds, de Rihanna. https://t.co/NllfwZ7goX https://t.co/ZsOCAj5vlZ
RT @anhdangerous: Look at my coworker's cute bulldog dressed up as McCree from last Halloween. His name's Grom. McGrom https://t.co/FAd9qP2tbW
BullDog - カクヨム BWインディーズコンテスト参加作 私に....殺しを教えてください そう元海兵隊員に迫ったのは日本の女子高生だった。 復讐に重なる復讐の連鎖。この誘爆を止められるか? https://t.co/CSu2RynAWK #カクヨム #小説 #拡散希望
RT @mikichu_story: DEARSTAGEではファンレター・プレゼントに関する規約を改めて制定したのでちゅ 所属アーティスト統一で今後はお手紙のみ受け取らせて頂き、プレゼント受け取りを辞退させて頂きまちゅ ご理解、ご協力の程よろしくお願い致しまちゅ https://t.co/rHbVVGSszN
RT @terashima_yufu: DEARSTAGEではファンレター・プレゼントに関する規約を改めて制定したのです~ 所属アーティスト統一で今後はお手紙のみ受け取らせて頂き、プレゼント受け取りを辞退させて頂きますです~ ご理解、ご協力の程よろしくお願い致しますです~ https://t.co/liXzMNwbxR
RT @bturner23: Just a kid from Virginia who became one of the best PGs in KU history. Dude gave us everything he had every single… https://t.co/zNRxKAVLVp
RT @tjmaiorino: Happy 18th birthday, Rob! No better time than now to officially say congratulations on deciding to become a Gonzaga… https://t.co/p43H7hwdcn
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/TzYObCd7dt French Bulldog Puppy Tricks 12 wks old Brody Brixton
RT @MrSkipLicker: Here's a picture of Gina Miller blubbing, and a British Bulldog laughing. You're welcome. https://t.co/6J50LslkVx
Starmix Bulldog, which is that new animated series Tumblr loves. https://t.co/7VfaHStZPG
RT @JessicaFinnXo: *starts a go-fund me for French bulldog*
@YugitaChan Y los bulldog franceses. Junto con los pincher mis preferidos. XD
I'm so in love with my cousins french bulldog #Oliverthefrenchie
RT @HdOuRdNeY: Another Bulldog, nagjakol sa car ko. Ang lilibog pala talaga ng mga taga-NU. May bonus pang chupa! Who will be my… https://t.co/SzG9z3NdnL