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RT @AnimaLancaster: #A5016195 White and tan Pit Bull Terrier Neutered male 1 year old. https://t.co/i4YkGZgdCa https://t.co/SNJB9eukxW
can't wait to have a lil place with Jacob and my bull terrier 💗
@nemom24x7 Sparky is cute. How old is he? We've had bull terrier's since the 80's
Leaving the dog out while going to a nice dinner you come home to a#MATTELBARBIEmassacre!!! #miniture bull terrier… https://t.co/3FesmIKEA9
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Black and brown Staffordshire bull terrier "Tyson" missing in Castlefields Runcorn. Very friendly. Lump on rear left foot. @PoliceRuncorn
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