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RT @InsightVoyager: #Dhammakaya is preparing for a new branch in the Netherlands; converting an old church into a Buddhist temple.… https://t.co/c0zJeGvbLr
In Westminster at time of incident. Praying for those affected. From a Buddhist perspective, violence is weakness. https://t.co/n089vjQZSM
I bet the attacker in #London isn't Jewish, a Christian or a Buddhist Monk !!! #Westminster
Asian? Must be a Buddhist..🤔 https://t.co/HJwJgREXEX
RT @MrSkipLicker: Vehicle being used as a weapon. Certainly sounds like a Buddhist extremist at work.
EXACTLY! That's all the proof we need. Unless you believe this was a Buddhist Monk who got lost on the way to the t… https://t.co/N4BoDE77Ev
RT @Buddhism_Now: Everyday Buddhist: Buddhism is a threefold practice: First the study of Dharma, secondly the practise of it, then Buddha sees Dharma.
Printing the Ancient Way Keeps Buddhist Texts Alive in Tibet https://t.co/zQLmwmhaQf via @nytimes
@Snots @BBCBreaking e.....extreme buddhist??
@Baggiepat probably another bloody Buddhist
RT @FolkloreFilmFes: 'Onibaba' (1964) dir Kaneto Shindo; Japanese historical drama horror based on a Buddhist parable,or a #film about "… https://t.co/Pnoptxp10A
RT @archpics: The largest Tibetan Buddhist academy in the world (Photo by Ning Zhan) https://t.co/cFRjDU0tl6
RT @prasarbharati: #IncredibleIndia: The Buddha park of Ravangla #Sikkim, is a prominent destination in the Buddhist circuit. https://t.co/eVNhftifiL
Printing the Ancient Way Keeps Buddhist Texts Alive in Tibet https://t.co/yV7jFLDwmB
#Westminster damn, those japanese buddhist terrorists again...
@JuliaHB1 them pesky Christians, or maybe a Buddhist 🤔
@BBCBreaking It must be Extreme Buddhist. May god rid the world of terror
@PrisonPlanet I bet it was a Japanese Buddhist!
海外では何教徒か聞かれることも少なくない。「無宗教です」と答えると、「なぜか?」とか「どういうことか?」というようにしつこく質問されることもある。こういうときは『I'm a Buddhist』(私は仏教徒です)と答えるのが無難。そうすれば相手はそれ以上質問してこないでしょう。
RT @Pustel13: Egal ob Moslem, Jude, Buddhist, Christ, Hindu, oder Atheist, wichtig ist das du Mensch bleibst
RT @dukebob888: Probably "Buddhist Monk disgruntled with London Traffic driving over Pedestrians mumbling Allahu Akbar...while atta… https://t.co/efdYaJEnOK
Why Buddhist people r devided & Monk also various yan :Both r destrubed for Buddhist principal so war of trouth & ignorance in Black jail ?