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RT @CommishOnline: Spread the word on the only place #Bucs fans can go to hear passionate and uncensored Bucs talk this morning! https://t.co/0eCvJv8umY
RT @PHUFootball: Please visit https://t.co/XZZLZl6XBa to vote for Reggie Crume as TB Bucs coach of week. Our football program can win $1,000 if he wins!
Jesus is coming look busy
@Bucs_es estoy undido en la miseria
Los Bucs podrían tener la próxima semana a Murphy, Ayers y a McDonald de vuelta. #NFlesp
RT @LMGJ14: @Bucs_es Felicidades @rickfootball14, me gusta la competitividad de esta liga.
RT @Kevorkian13: @Bucs_es @dgaliana pues si no te importa, me lo voy a perder.
Los detallaremos en el Podcast del jueves! #NFLesp
Colin Kaepernick wears Black Panther Party t-shirt to post-game press conference https://t.co/2Y95QeyWF1
Victoria apretada de @StendhalSpain y sus In Winston We Trust ante @LuisMa_80 y su La Zaida Almogavar. #NFLesp https://t.co/uQ8d0vW3IV
@Bucs_es Felicidades @rickfootball14, me gusta la competitividad de esta liga.
Duelo de puntuaciones bajas. Makerman y sus Asturias Packs perdieron contra Cordoba IronBulls de Cucu90 #NFLesp https://t.co/ZSNKhGlxr0
RT @BinHasosa: Saudi Bucs team did an astounding job today volunteering in @keybiscayne representing @BarryUniversity & @UstoUSorg… https://t.co/V7SE08NwX5
@JoeBucsFan the Bucs special teams have been mostly atrocious. The guy we hired wasn't productive with the Titans either. Worst rated in NFL
Lo mejor de nuestros jugadores en las redes sociales https://t.co/cAdvvmXay2 #NFLEsp https://t.co/A6lPebWeYV
RT @SportsCenter: Jacquizz Rodgers has rushed for 255 yards over last 2 games. Before that, he had just 252 in previous 19 games. B… https://t.co/WIUYukIXgn
Partido por todo lo alto entre los Resitencia Bats de @Fleder y los Ball and Biscuits de @dgaliana. Ganó este últim… https://t.co/qIMi4WDUx4
[Pewter Report] - Pewter Report Bucs Monday Mailbag: Evans, Aguayo, And Raiders Game https://t.co/GpfMecPhwF
Letting Aqib Talib, Michael Bennett and Legarrette Blount go were historical #Bucs blunders in retrospect
RT @WEdwarda: Hows that starting position working out for you Kaepernick? Bucs 34 - SF 17 #SuckItKaepernick https://t.co/Jc69KBxTGs
@Jasux y sus Okubo´s Team ganaron a @jlgblanco y sus Si o Qué. #NFLesp Duelo interesante entre dos equipos con 2-4 https://t.co/SXR5aBzBaz
RT @WEdwarda: Today Levi Stadium Santa Clara, Ca, Bucs at 49ers at kickoff. All you patriots are the best! Love you! HA!… https://t.co/ZCbjZuv5D4
BUCS POST: Through 6 games, we've already put up half of last years wins! - https://t.co/z8nySL0N8R https://t.co/KmRjTb8tvl
I will never be satisfied with the Raiders until they win the Superbowl.I've wanted THAT ever since the BUCS KICKED OUR ASS IN SAN DIEGO!