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We don't seem to be in agreement on this one. Just have to see what Bruce has in mind tomorrow
RT @RockWalkLondon: Musicians and their mums. Adele Ann Springsteen - Bruce Springsteen's mum. #BruceSpringsteen
@Real_SamKelly yes they are! The are the best.💪👍✊
RT @blairensor: Sad story from @SamSherwoodNZ: Driver 'blanked out' before plunging into the sea in a crash that killed his wife.…
RT @jlkurtz: Today on Wildcat Insider we'll have Bruce Weber at 4:20 and Jordan Willis at 5:25.
@jjvpeperstraten rare opmerking. Dus als Erdogan Bruce Springsteen een toffe peer vindt dan is Springsteen niet "zuiver" op de graat?
RT @LouiseMensch: EXCLUSIVE: My new report on Boris Epshteyn and the #FISA leaks and obstruction of @DevinNunes.
RT @Zack_Nani: Nouveau vlog du petit Five qu'on a fait contre Team Bruce, Team Yomax et Team Powe enjoy les frères o/
Josh Bruce usually smacks us and he only had one goal!!
Anti-Scottish feeling in this Question Time debate is unbelievable. The UK is just imploding.
RT @WeSupport45: Early Voting Started today in the #GA6! Get out & Vote for @Bruce_LeVell & #RETWEET #FlipThe6th Join Us @…
@270Mo Thing is it's not a joke. It's a fact and who doesn't like a good lap dance? Caitlyn Jenner maybe? I bet Bruce liked them at one time
Can't forget Bruce Blakelock, Glen Bailey and all the help we get from Daniel O'Sullivan
RT @GhislainBalsan: « Francis Bacon/Bruce Nauman Face à face » au @museefabre parmi les expositions 2017 à ne pas manquer ! @saurel2014
RT @2Mins2MaidenUK: Members of 2M2M have performed live on stage with Bruce era Maiden, Blaze era Maiden, and Di'Anno (solo tour). All…
José Coronado se está dejando coleta. Como Bruce Jenner. En nada lo vemos con tacones.
[Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary - Audio Podcast] Bruce [...] via @PodcastAddict
@BruceJo40318054 Bruce Jordan Hello there I invite that you this kind of porno cam cost-free Visit my Profile is Free.
@KrisGillentine You RSVP via the pinned Tweet on our profile! -Bruce
Still getting phone calls for Bruce the convicted felon #shoutoutnyctrip
“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” ~ Bruce Lee #productivity #GTD