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So the complete Brownlow restoration of Napoleon is available from Amazon UK For under 30 bucks? Well that was a no brainer
Hey @JobeWatson we love you no matter what. Do what is right for you, but we'd love to see you on the ground again
RT @Kateplusmy8: I'm so thankful for my wild unpredictable wonderful life w my 8 kids,3 dogs,1 bird plus 1 reality tv show! #KatePlus8 @TLC SEE YOU NEXT TUES
RT @braskic: So Jobe Watson gave back his #Brownlow? Does that mean Ben Cousins should give back his too? How about Tony Liberatore?
SAME!!! Wish it was more than an hour @TLC ❤️
TONIGHT @ 10pm on @TLCmeNow kateplusmy8 and the kiddos are at it again! Can't wait!!!!!
RT @sportsbetcomau: It's not all about me, but it is mainly about my record being beat. #Brownlow
@borgy017 makes no sense. Mid 20s. 100+ games. 4th b&f and 10th b&f. 10 career brownlow votes. Not a stellar record. Inconsistent & flakey
Retweeted Jane Brownlow (@jane_eyre1600): #حال_مصر_فكلمتين "هيغوص فيها ارهاب محدش عارف هو جاي منين ! واللي...
The AFL should re-broadcast the entire 2012 #Brownlow count but edited to only show votes for Mitchell and Cotchin. Will be a nail-biter!
RT @triplemfooty: We've ranked the top 10 players taken at pick No.10 in the #AFLDraft Which Brownlow Medalis…
Jobe Watson carrying on like he only just realised he was going to lose the Brownlow
RT @FOXFootyLive: Handing back the Brownlow has led Jobe Watson to question if he still has the passion for AFL footy:…
RT @superfooty: Stephen Dank on 5AA. "My most desired outcome is for everyone to be cleared. By time we finish this ... Jobe will have his Brownlow back "
RT @SENBreakfast: Ox: "I want Jobe Watson to win the 2017 Brownlow Medal. I would love to see him fight back and tear the competition apart."
@TheDak04 They deserve no better. I'd be pissed off. His name is tarnished forever only because the Brownlow was taken off him. History !
RT @AndrewGigacz: Jobe's Brownlow has been awarded to Springsteen? I didn't see that coming.