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Patrick Swayze and Brooke Shields, 1986
My mother totally protected me as a model. She took me on every look-... #BrookeShields #quotes
Brooke Shields - Surfing Lesson in Costa Rica, March 2015 #BrookeShields
Brooke Shields in Leopard Print Dress out in New York #BrookeShields
Brooke Shields Vintage doll in original clothes
Brooke Shields - Woman In Gold Premiere in New York City #BrookeShields
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what I don't like is how sexualised Brooke Shields was when she was younger. But yah atleast she didnt turn out crazy & remained classy etc
Brooke Shields by Michael Simon Photoshoot in New York #BrookeShields
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@HistoryInPix Fail... Brooke Shields & Patrick Swayze
RT @HistoryToLearn: Patrick Swayze and Brooke Shields, 1986
Brooke Shields - Whiplash Special Screening in New York City #BrookeShields
Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life. Brooke Shields
RT @HistoryToLearn: Patrick Swayze and Brooke Shields, 1986
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