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@HeymanHustle hey Paul ur beast is going to loose very badly from Goldberg.u already know brock lesner is intimidate by Goldberg.u know that
RT @HolySchip: We also saw Brock Lesner & this chick put his hand on her butt & he peaced out.
We also saw Brock Lesner & this chick put his hand on her butt & he peaced out.
Honestly, WWE Smackdown lit af. Brock Lesner vs. Goldberg?!?!? Bruhhh 🍿🍸
I big fan virat kohli and big fan brock lesner hello my all friends
@joenachoss apa kata kau jadi broke lesner jo. Lagi power boleh smackdown orang
Brock lesner vs gold bark is going to be super epic! #wwe #summer slam #epic
Goldberg face to face broke lesner: via @YouTube
The Biggest Fight Of 2016 Will Come Goldberg Vs Brock Lesner πŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
@leem9966 Paul bearer was the best but I won't lie listening to Paul heiman say Brock lesner is very entertaining. Still a stone cold fan.
#CumpleLafuConWWEArg aparte lesner represento a Canada en #UFC
Nah! Undertaker is upper than Lesner.
@NerdieBirdieMFC What do you think of thr Lesner Goldberg thing?
I have a feeling undertaker is going to interfere in lesner vs goldberg match. #SDLive900
@WWE @BrockLesnar @Goldberg few years back goldberg defeated lesner in wrestle mania 21. Same will happen again.
Here comes the money.... @shanemcmahon bst f luck for d #SurvivorSeries Hpe dis mtch wid lesner and Goldberg's mtch wll smshs d TRP high.
@TypicalGamer hey tg wwe surviver serious in Toronto ON...go and see it...Goldberg vs Brock lesner...
raw goldberg face to face with brock lesner 2016|Entertainment| Goldberg face brock lesnor 2016: via @YouTube
# WWESurvivorSeries. i think will win Goldberg will win Lesner,
Goldberg vs brock lesner
I hope @Goldberg kicks @BrockLesnar ass this sunday. Unless @WWE will just repeate the same storyline again... ma…
A *premiere for a show called Shooter right after a preview for the Goldberg v Lesner fight. Coincidence? Who Knows?
This Sunday at Survivor Series the iconic Goldberg will go 1 on 1 with the Beast Brock Lesner!!!!! #GoldbergvsBrockLesner2016
All I know is that @Goldberg is in amazing shape at the age 50 and I think Brock lesner wasn't expecting that. 12 years away from Wwe