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RT @billyeichner: Remember when Twitter was fun? Remember when our biggest problem was CHARLIE SHEEN?! I miss those days. #Winning
RT @1LuhBrazy: I love when a nigga know how to whip I be in the passenger seat like drive this shit you sexy piece of shit . 😫
RT @shellywelly53: I want someone who feels lucky to have me.
@brittany_steidl @CuriousCatMe coolest attack helicopter I know 👌
RT @chloewitt15: rt if ur dating the coolest person ever
Britney Ever After movie featuring Brittany Spears, which covers her ups and downs in her life premieres Feb. 18 on Lifetime.
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Which Brittany nigga — Nigga who's Brittany gimme her @
What I like doing in my spare time .relaxes me
My puppy fever is at an all time high rn and I just wish so badly I had the time for one 😩😭
RT @SexualGif: Been cheated on... Lied to... Left for someone else...Dropped with no explanation, and I'm still trying to love like I've never been hurt.
Rest In Peace My Sweet Beautiful. BRITTANY 🕊💓 Luv YOUUU BAE
RT @mcoop: The #PumpRules cast went from rallying around Orlando in one episode, to now making excuses/justifying Brittany's moms blatant homophobia.
RT @GreggyBennett: But if I'm anybody on Vanderpump Rules, I'm Sherri, Brittany's mom from Kentucky.
RT @rudygobert27: If i wanna watch clowns i go to the circus...