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RT @kwilli1046: This is so cool - 5 Yr Old boy battling cancer is surprised by his dad dressed as Spider-Man.
The compare between me and Brittany Murphy 😱
Be happy, people hate that
RT @LeijaMercedes: when I’m gone, don’t nobody cry over me
@Brittany_J10 A little (big) misunderstanding.This will put a lot of minds to rest I know it did for me.
RT @RealCoryMachado: Scooby Doo is the best all time cartoon.
Mini Chateau - Classic French Home - Brittany,France - Move-In Ready
My name is Brittany I was born in the past hour lol but I’m sorry for the long wait My age is a little too far…
RT @maskedtae: My 3rd grade sister got a Valentine gift from this boy in her class and I’m actually devastated
RT @AmoNickk: My class got cancelled today😍 and by cancelled, i mean i cancelled it. Cause i didnt go.
@O2B_ME I didn’t hear any sirens or coyotes last night. But there have been nights we hear both but he’s never does…
Parcontre ça ne sent pas très bon mais bon. Mais cheveux ont l’air d’apprécier c’est cool
RT @zillarage: Brittany Dawn Fitness Is Going To Court!
RT @_CooAssMeechie: Ludacris was in his fucking BAG when he dropped this track 😴🔥
@alex_groce18 i jus told her to text you!!!
Et là j’ai mis du chebe dans mes cheveux. C’est la première fois que j’essaye vraiment cette poudre. Je vais poser…
@Zak_Bagans This is Brittany, I bought her off eBay and I also got a sb-7 spirit box to communicate with her. I ha…
Brittany Dawn Fitness Is Going To Court!
I’m kinda envious of all the Santana, Brittany, and others who’s characters had a definite endgame pairing.
RT @claireenglander: My dms with my boyfriend consist of me sending him funny tweets all day long and him never responding