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RT @Typ0we5SOSff: Mikey w ff: robi salta, kombosy, jest zły Mikey w rl: Potyka się na scenie udając Britney Spears #PolandChurnsButterFor5sos
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RT @HiluryDuff: Britney clocked that old bitter bitch.
RT @POPline: Queremos! <3 @jtimberlake diz que topa fazer colaboração com @britneyspears! Confira! -->
RT @codyspearz: Justin: Britney broke my heart. Cry me a river. What goes around comes around.. Britney: I wanna do a song Justin:
RT @papelpop: Justin Timberlake sobre colaboração com Britney Spears: "Claro, com certeza!"
@Zoella have you watched the one with ellen and britney spears? 💗
@CindyHarvard Hihi 🙈😂✌ Everytime - Britney S. Fav. Ko 🙈💕😍
#newspertamalampung Britney Spears Pertimbangkan Pensiun dari Dunia Musik dan Jadi Guru…
Britney Spears ブリトニー・スピアーズ Full Album ♥✌:  ✉ ☾☁
I miss ms gelai pronouncing my name as "britney" every single day 😭😭
RT @Exposing_celebz: When Kathy Griffin came for Britney Spears for lip syncing & Beyonce for lip syncing on pr-recorded tracks
Britney Spears durante los números de temáticas militar y oriental de «Boys», en sus giras...
"Britney Spears on Being Nicknamed "Godney" and "The Holy Spearit" - E! Online" #CelebritiesNews
Problemas quedan en el pasado: ¿Justin Timberlake y Britney Spears grabarán juntos?
@staytriumphant has soñado que la britney cantaba en directo?
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RT @omelete: Justin Timberlake comenta sobre possibilidade de colaboração com Britney Spears
Britney Spears Performing at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, August 2015 #BritneySpears