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Feea Pero Feliizz💖
RT @SQUlDZ: Dolphins : "I bet you won't hit that human" Other Dolphin : "Oh you must think I'm pussy"
RT @richbrian: No brooke we just take a picture together
RT @huntermorenoo: Honestly who the fuck buys a car and puts eyelashes on it?
voces de canto mario brilz para mi twuiter@brilzmario
RT @sol_finiello: Feliz día a tod@s l@s bolud@s que llame amigos 😘😘
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RT @_fournette: Treadmill fat ass 😭😭😭😭😭
RT @ASAP_LOPEZ98: First day back on face book and I see this lmfaoooo
RT @MaryaT1221: Now this is the type of stuff I wanna see down my TL
RT @arizonablueme: Day 342 without in n out: I accidentally told my girlfriend I wanted animal-style sex instead of doggy-style sex.
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RT @humorandanimals: hide and seek with max (long.coat.max IG)
Diiaa Lluviosoo🌧La Tarde Se Presta Para Los Mates y Tortas Fritass❤👌🏻
Para Gustoos Se Hicieron Los Colorees...🌈
RT @IndirectasRock: No sólo las parejas te rompen el corazón, también las amigas, los amigos, los padres, la vida.
RT @aa_ron8: alright guys, like if you’d rather have your ass eaten rt you’d rather eat ass tryna prove a point