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Jason Brilz Got Robbed
@BloodyElbow He barely beat Jason Brilz over 8 years ago, yet here we are
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Good lord I love tequila
RT @chaptersindigo: Hey Teachers! Stop in-store this weekend for our Teacher Appreciation Event. Present your Teacher I.D., ECE members…
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RT @HxCJason: Nobody: Me: alright fuck it I'm down
RT @yunglame: yall think drake got millie number saved under Stranger Ting
RT @trademarkbeats: i know blind people happy to see this
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RT @cloutboyjojoo: “yo momma so fat, they had to baptize her at Sea World.” 2nd Graders:
@TheDomColby @aa_ron8 Broooo you don’t want this sauce
@Big_Dog_Brilz @aa_ron8 Now you can 1v1 scrubs on rust and build your street cred