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Quelle honte !!!!! mais sommes nous sûrs qu'il n'y a que Pampers ?
억지로 자지 않기로 했다. 약을 먹고서라도 자야겠다는 강박이 나를 더 잠들지 못하게 하니.. (+견갑골 통증) 근데 그냥 앉아서 놀면(?) 언제 그랬냐는 듯...통증이 사라져...야 이노마.,..
RT @FBB_PORTEPAROLE: Foie gras : 70 % des Français pour l'interdiction du gavage ! Sondage Ifop pour la Fondation Brigitte Bardot
RT @neslimusic: "Io sto internet, come il pallone, ve lo bucherei"
Dans le flop du site du @ccif nous retrouvons @brigitte_bardot ne doute de rien ce ccif. Encouragement à vous…
@mind_mansion 얼마전에 발표한 거랑 비슷할 거예요..25-6% 밑돌겠죠. 어쨌든 사과한거 아니냐! 이렇게 또 흘러갈 분들이 계실것이므로..(OTL)
RT @jamesdenselow: 'Aleppo’s suffering will only stop when someone shoots down a Russian plane' - says former Conservative Leader 😮
RT @AssaadRazzouk: 500,000 Solar Panels Installed Every Day In 2015 Sees Renewables Overtake Coal As World's Largest Source Of Power C…
@badvocalist the velvet ones from primark and the bow thingy from bijou brigitte :)
Si te quiero hacer una propuesta indecente, te invito a contarme los lunares y que por cada uno me des un beso. Donde vos quieras.
The Downliner | The Ultimate Cooperative Traffic Exchange
RT @JimmyPrinceton: WASHINGTON (AP) — "Premiums will go up sharply next year under President Obama's health care law..." (25% on averag…
RT @RoscaSinFreddi: Si hago humor negro me corresponde cobrar un plan?
RT @ImadMesdoua: You people want world peace but aren't even considerate enough to move all the way down inside the tube carriage for others...
Despertarte y no estar seguro si desayunar o almorzar, denota que tuviste una buena noche.
RT @JulienMOTRON: Johnny #Servoz-Gavin , Brigitte #Bardot et François #Cevert, salon de l'automobile 1970 @ABeltoise
RT @Terry_ONeill: Brigitte Bardot relaxes between scenes on the set of 'Les Petroleuses' a.k.a. 'The Legend of Frenchie King', 1971.
RT @GraziaUK: We take a look back at Brigitte Bardot's best style moments and give you tips on achieving her iconic look…
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