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『IMAGINATION/BRIAN WILSON』バッタ物みたいな海ジャケからして好み。このメロディとコーラス、まさに紛う事無き天才。ハイ・ラマズとは格が違うんだなぁ(好きだけど)。涙がとまらないよ。全ジャンキー&廃人の決して届かない希望の星。誰が何と言おうと僕には命の名盤。
Love and Mercy by Brian Wilson —
RT @DJFachmore: Brian Wilson is absolutely right in his times article yesterday about the underlying causes of regression in standa…
📷 Sam Wilson vs. Illyana Rasputin, America vs. Russia, like the Cold War all over Storytellers: Brian...
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Brian Courtney Wilson - I'll Just Say Yes (Audio) ☝🏽🙌🏾🙏🏽
Barenaked Ladies - Brian Wilson Free App: @Q101Chicago
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Brian Courtney Wilson - Worth Fighting For (1 Mic 1 Take)
puta merda love and mercy filme do brian wilson foi traduzido pra "beach boys - uma história de sucesso" o tradutor nem assistiu ao filme
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#KORG #AudioGate で "Don't Worry" (Brian Wilson) など16曲をMP3に変換しています。
RT @jenwe5: How about a little lunch? Beaver's chew for the sugars under the bark of trees. Brian Wilson caught this beaver di…
@pollybirkbeck it's definitely on the list. Got Brian Wilson and Patti Smith to get through first though. Got em for Christmas.
Now playing Worth Fighting For by Brian Courtney Wilson WOW Gospel 2015!
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Elizabeth FCO Deputy Legal Adviser 2001-2003 Inquiry witness Wilson Brian FCO Minister State Middle East Mr Blairs Special Representative
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I liked a @YouTube video Brianism compilation (Brian Wilson funny moments!)
@Anniewestl Actually just checked - no Brian Wilson here, I'm afraid Annie! x