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@ChiSportUpdates Allowing Brian Urlacher to get hair plugs
@Schumouse Payton, butkus, sayers, Urlacher, dent, Hampton, nagurski, Hester, Tillman, briggs
@tmiller_cpa @BuckCityBreaks If you wanna move that Urlacher let me know.
@NBCSBears Urlacher or Tillman,Mike Brown
RT @tmiller_cpa: First mailday from @BuckCityBreaks ... fun break, new guy mojo with 1/1 Urlacher from Honors. Thanks guys!…
RT @holy_schnitt: I haven’t been home in 6 months and boy oh boy did I miss the two quintessential Chicago suburbs things: Brian Urla…
First mailday from @BuckCityBreaks ... fun break, new guy mojo with 1/1 Urlacher from Honors. Thanks guys!…
@burgh_proud1118 @VintageSteelers Don’t even have to be a Steelers fan to love this since urlacher was really overrated
@Schumouse 1. Halas 2. Payton 3. Sayers 4. Butkus 5. Urlacher 6. Grange 7. Nagurski 8. Hampton 9. Forte 10. Hilgenberg
@markgrotesports @danpompei @ChicagoBears @LaurenceWHolmes Easy 10. Julius Peppers 9. Thomas Jones 8. Brandon Marsh…
@followdotch Urlacher is pissed you haven't signed up yet.
@Schumouse 1. Sweetness 2. Dent 3. Urlacher 4. Sayers 5. Butkus 6. Hampton 7. Nagurski 8. Tillman 9. Forte 10. Singletary
@Schumouse I am 30 so I’ll just include players I have seen in my lifetime. 1. Urlacher 2. Hester 3. Tommie Harri…
@Schumouse 1. Walter 2. Butkus 3. Urlacher 4. Singletary 5. Richard Dent 6. Devin Hester 7. Sid Luckman 8. Gale Sa…
@Schumouse Payton, Butkus, Sayers, Singletary, Urlacher, Dent, Hester, Hampton, McMichael, Forte
@Schumouse Payton Butkus Sayers Urlacher Hampton Singletary Marshall Tillman Dent Briggs Hester Ditka Forte
@Schumouse Payton Butkus Sayers Urlacher Ditka Dent Singletary Hester Nagurski Halas #Bears #Bears100 @ChicagoBears #BearsTop10
Josh Freeman Eli Manning Cadillac Williams Brian Urlacher
@GolfChannel Ok, can everybody stop saying that Brooks and TW ARE built like NFL linebackers? I am a big fan of bot…
@Schumouse Urlacher, Sayers, Payton, Luckman, Ditka, Butkus
In no particular order: Payton Butkus Hampton Urlacher Sayers George Grange Hester Tillman Buffone
@Schumouse Payton Luckman Grange Halas Butkus Sayers Buffone Morris Urlacher Dent
@Schumouse Ditka Singletary Urlacher Grange Hampton Dent Atkins Sayers Butkus Payton