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RT @usacsmret: If Barack Obama would order the execution of a US citizen without a trial, what makes you think he is above eavesdropping on Trump?
RT @TheMeemStreams: #Obama REALLY WAS BORN IN Hawaii, it's just in Kenya 🇰🇪 😂😂#MAGA #muslimwomensday #BREAKING #tcot #Trump
RT @williamlegate: @realDonaldTrump also, I'm pretty sure the people who are dying bc of your "wait bc we can blame Obama" solution are tired of your lies…
RT @BraddJaffy: Day 67: Trump's approval rating falls to a new low of 36% — lower than Clinton or Obama ever fell…
RT @DaveWeasel: Kanye: nice to meet you Trump: I just made you head of HUD Kanye: I'm not Ben Carson Trump: my bad, Mr. Obama
RT @LouDobbs: Rep. Nunes met intelligence source on WH grounds – Obama in Trouble? Join #Dobbs NOW on FBN #MAGA #TrumpTrain
RT @KT_So_It_Goes: Your new binary options are "Keep Obamacare", or "Super Democrat Friendly Bill With All The Democrat Bells & Whistles". Take that, Obama!
RT @activist360: The breadth of Trump's collusion and corruption is stunning: If this were Clinton or Obama, they'd have been impeached a month ago. @maddow
Teen Obama Daughter Accosts Right-Wing White House Reporter @lucianwintrich at... by #debra_bonanno via @c0nvey
RT @Koreaboo: PRISTIN’s Kyulkyung, G-Dragon, and Obama Share This One Feature In Common ➜ Read more:
Trump’s Take on Corporate Tax Rate Could Look Very Much Like Obama’s
RT @KORANISBURNING: #hardball #sanctuarycities Obama Was A Cocaine-Using Gay Hustler, 'Ex-Classmate' Claims # via @HuffPostQueer
CONSERVATIVE TRIBUNE: Foreign Leader Bashes "Crazy Man" Obama in Speech
RT @TeaPainUSA: Trumpers believe Trump is so smart he met with Russians just enough to trigger an investigation so Nunes could trap Obama & put him in jail.
RT @USAGSessions: The intelligence community is run by Obama appointees who leaked and are hoping @RepAdamSchiff will continue covering for them. @DevinNunes
RT @ronfeir: Trump Faces High-Stakes Chess Match As He Tries To Unravel Obama Air Regs
RT @surfbig81: New York Times Trashes Its Own Reporting on Obama Admin Wiretapping
RT @CiudadMCY: Tres países preparan salida de sus cascos azules de Haití #VenezuelaDignaYSoberana .
RT @Lrihendry: Mark Levin calls for an investigation of Barack Obama! #DrainTheDeepState #MAGA #POTUS
RT @brianklaas: Obama White House published visitor logs regularly. Trump refuses. Nunes. Kushner. FBI investigation. Transparency is essential to democracy
@chereecorbin @joe_tortorice The government no longer is our boss. That's because obama is gone and Trump is President. Simple.
RT @mitchellvii: Lt. McInerney: 'Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Are Both in Violation of Espionage Act' (VIDEO)
RT @ezraklein: Rep. Devin Nunes sure seems like he's making Trump’s Russia problem even worse:
RT @BKaysac: US Lawmakers Seek to INVESTIGATE Obama and Soros for “Election Meddling” in Macedonia  – TruthFeed