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Trump sigue actuando contra el legado de Obama y retira a EE.UU. del TPP
RT @nytimes: Comparing the crowds at Donald Trump’s and Barack Obama’s inaugurations
RT @washingtonpost: Obama said Wilmington’s problem would be his problem when he won the presidency.
RT @LindaSuhler: Remember when the Tea Party lawfully & peacefully protested & got the fed govt to pay attention? Obama sicced the IRS on us. Yeah. #MAGA
RT @ZPleimann: Trump has gotten more fat women walking in one day than Michelle Obama did in 8 years
"ain o obama é muito fofo com a mivhelle" ue nao faz mais do que a obrigação
RT @TheFoundingSon: Remember when Conservatives did this durin’ Obama’s Inauguration? neither do I #LiberalHypocrisy #tcot
RT @SOMEXlCAN: obama is a fucking savage lmaoo
RT @larryelder: "Blacks are still in shackles and graves just for being black." -@AshleyJudd Yet Obama didn't tackle this over climate change? #WomensMarch
@dnlgekonge @peddoc63 Kenya? do you know Obama's dad? What part was Tarzan from? Is it legal to own monkeys over there? Its not legal here.
RT @TheBloodShow: You're a fat struggling SoundCloud rapper from Massachusetts. Don't ever disrespect Michelle Obama
It doesn't get any better than this. #GodFlowByLykay
RT @PaladinCornelia: Trump team told bakery to copy Obama's cake Melania stole Jackie's "look" It's still only day 2 of a sad. pathetic…
RT @cher: If Pres Trump Followers Wanted Us 2Feel Like They Did Under Pres Obama,They Achieved Their goal.HE MADE IT CLEAR,WE R NO PART OF HIS AMERICA
RT @Ayyye_G: Obama left and took the sun with him.
RT @ReporterAndrew: Still more: Judge says in Aetna-Humana ruling that Aetna exited profitable markets to 1. escape scrutiny of merger and 2. punish Obama admin
RT @Lookinfor_G: Michelle Obama should've ran for president I don't mind eating whole-grain chicken wings
@BasharOuBas @YoLarryJohnson @WineGumLady @AP its hard for the marxists to let go of the obama/isis partnership
RT @gestionperfecta: #LaFoto @NicolasMaduro recuerda el encuentro del Comandante Chávez con el Pdte. Obama en la Cumbre de las Américas…