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I had a dream. A crossover dream of epic proportions. I was in a group of people completing an amazing race style g…
RT @_valeriaa21: I keep subtitles on when watching netflix cause my fatass cant hear whats going on over the munching of snacks
RT @RIPFeelings: Having deep conversations with the right people is priceless.
@_livx15 Ah man I understand! But you're gonna hate it. It freaking sucks out there.
@Memphis_Dre @Brandy_N_Cole 😂😂😂 we’re in Boston
RT @JUSLIKEMIKE863: Retweet to make Brandy mad 😂
RT @LasEscabiadas: los nenes de ahora no van a saber lo que era levantarse a tomar la leche mientras mirabas brandy y el sr bigotes, que triste
@brandy_ann12 Moving out there with my mans for work.. kinda have no choice 😭
RT @ryann_em_miller: Since Dance Marathon is this weekend, here is my why: The Millers (a thread)
How Going From Owner to Employee Made This Entrepreneur a Better Leader
RT @krassenstein: Thank you FBI. The Austin bomber, a 24 year old white male (therefore not classified as a terrorist ) will no longe…
RT @TheRickyDavila: The @GOP are now set in welcoming a Holocaust Denier and known Nazi. This is disgusting. They are disgusting.
RT @nefertizzy: i will never understand why white ppl mess with wild animals then be shocked when they act as wild animals do
It may look low-key on the outside, but there's a crazy apple, brandy, honey, and ginger party inside our Apple Bra…
@realDonaldTrump @Dangchick1 You’re a traitor and we ALL know it ....
どんなに綺麗に取り繕ってもいつかはバレるわ 世界はそんなに甘くは無いの
@ashlums So. Go home, pour yourself a glass of brandy, and watch the snow fall.
RT @alvaroesquivia: @nicolle924 Blue label no es nada tú eres como un Mendis coconut Brandy 😊
Square one brandy today😊
RT @kylegriffin1: Scott Pruitt spent more than $120,000 in public funds for a work trip to Italy last summer. AP reports the EPA dis…
RT @maimiharas: Wow if brandy got 68 im expecting at least 72 for wakaba and satton
Cewekku, kamu telah salah paham. Setiap kali aku menatapmu, mukaku merah padam, bukan disebabkan karena aku jatuh c…
RT @Bossip: Welp: Princess Love Tells Brandy To “STFU” After Showing FAKE Love To Her Scoot-E Seed