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Arizona football: One too many behind the center - Arizona Desert Swarm
SCAN Event - 16th Tate Beller, 12th Brandon Perkins, 10th Daniel Anding, 8th Phil Weir.
@DownWithDamon Golden Tate or Brandon Marshall?
@MattHarmon_BYB Brandon Marshall, Sneed or golden tate. Need 1 in ppr. Thanks!
@AGWildcatReport Have to pull all the stops against ASU. Anu Solomon under center with Brandon Dawkins and Khalil Tate in a 2 back set.
@daverichard Hey man, who would you bench if you can only start 2: Brandon Marshall, Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin..
RT @MySportsUpdate: Brandon Marshall on Geno Smith: "It’s been amazing to see this guy grow and really punch adversity in the face." He really said that.
RT @ryanmink: Jets WR Brandon Marshall said Jimmy Smith is one of the most underrated cornerbacks in the NFL. Said he wants to face him this week.
RT @AGWildcatReport: Anu Solomon. Brandon Dawkins. What to do with Khalil Tate? #ArizonaWildcats have options again at QB.
Anu Solomon. Brandon Dawkins. What to do with Khalil Tate? #ArizonaWildcats have options again at QB.
Lottta QB changes at Arizona this year. At one point today I combined Brandon Dawkins + Khalil Tate into Brandon Tate (who is a real person)
Make this a trending Thread! Ay Joshua Tate Newman listen to these people! Brandon Lotus...
RT @YoungWildN_Bree: Oh, we're talking iconic duos? I'll wait. 🤘🏽🔒❤️🎗 @Brandon_BHoe
@DrRoto drop S. Shepherd for Tate, Britt, m Thomas, or Tyrrell Williams? Have Brandon Cooks.
@TheMattCamp Drop S. Shepherd for Tate, Tyrrell Williams, Kenny Britt or Michael Thomas? Already have Brandon Cooks.
@MoEgger1530 would you say that maybe the Bengals early season struggles may come from a Brandon Tate curse?
@BradleyGelber Right. They bring in Brandon Tate when he becomes available. I have KR-PR as Tate, Bush, Powell, Salas, but Salas injured
Check it out - Golden Tate Emerges From the Dead, Leads Lions to Victory - is now available at
Don't worry Caraway we have already blamed you, we always blame you for anything bad in regards to Meisha Tate.
@FastFightFan I wouldn't say that, competition was lesser. Aside from Tate, Zingano and Holm. I think ppl look for excuses 4 ppl they like
@Brandon_102493 I'll admit that shit was unfair to the falcons but fuck itttttttt, better luck next year on that Super Bowl 🤔
@Brandon_102493 Hahahaha FUCK THE FALCONS 🖕🏻😎 Seahawks for the win baby!!!
RT @AmazingSprtsPic: Golden Tate: wide receiver and cheerleader
RT @best_nfl: Retweet if you started any today: Drew Brees Lesean McCoy OBJ Brandin Cooks Tom Brady Golden Tate Matt Stafford Terrelle Pryor #NFL