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Interview: How To Bring Farm-To-Table Cooking To Your Kitchen Table: Brandon Fay, managing director of Tratto...
trying to finish the back porch today. Got 2 more pieces of plywood and Brandon is putting the first one down...
RT @gloed_up: Brandon Coles, 25, was shot by police officer on August, 21. This is what media won't tell us. #blacklivesmatter
@brandonmcbain93 unreal fay u like Brandon haha
Suka meetup brng brandon gak sih fay ? Atau satu project gtu ? @faynabilarizka
Siip fay ditunggu yo😀 sukses selalu fay .. Kangen fay . JP . sama brandon nii 😄 @faynabilarizka @jpmilleniixx