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RT @Li_Shaidai: lol a female don't owe y'all shit yo nigga do 😂 check yo nigga bc obviously she ain't talking to herself 😂
RT @FreddyAmazin: When I'm on campus and I see high school students on tours
RT @kaitlinmonroe: Brandi we know you're not friends with Beyonce #LHHH
1 more month till I go to Disney 😬😬
Perdete entre sus calles de la pequeña Toscana y probá Brandi. Visitanos en Torrepueblo.
RT @MyBrandiLove: Watch lesbian movie: MILF Brandi Love with Outie Belly Button from BangBros Wearing Blue D…
RT @brandi_love_: #brandilove ooo #pornstar full vid >>� Brandi Love, Bruce In My First Sex Teacher�
RT @brandi_love_: #brandilove ooo #pornstar full vid >>� Brandi Love, Rocco Reed In My Friends Hot Mom�
Abiti e minidress ricamati con intarsi color tiffany, voi quale preferite? :-D #BiancaBrandi #collection #chic
Why am I sharing this? Anyone can try out trending products with 0.8L! #Brandi #브랜디
RT @itsjoeybee: Why is Princess discussing her marriage with Brandi? Brandi can't hold water. #LHHH
@ZeeHerMe Duffy is dumb and Brandi is annoying
RT @jillianCTE: when u realize new years is in two months
RT @tarap_queen: An agency wouldn't submit this baby's photos to Oshkosh because he has down syndrome and if that doesn't break your…
RT @daniellewise_: My biggest pet peeve: When someone thinks they know how I feel about something better than me. 🙅🏼
RT @JekonLewis: @maxwell724 fired shots after Brandi came for Moniece's motherhood and business at the reunion. Lol. Learn the full story first.