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RT @ufopeach: love being everyones 7th priority its such an honor
doing emojis gets very old very fast so i'm done
RT @sportsguymarv: She turns heads......even with her clothes on👑 #ThatsClass
ダメ元でしまむら来てみたけど、ぶそコラボTあったけど(アイテムコードが)無かった( ‘ᾥ’ )
#dchs HWY 173 to the Bradford Ridge Trailhead - Current Conditions
RT @geosnugget: I'll see you @ the Manchester & Bradford show, we're gonna get lit 🎉😜 @HarrisJOfficial
@cwaltzzz14 it's all about pinky promises 👌🏻
Bradford Young for Best Cinematography. Let’s gooooo
I NEEEEEED the thigh one😭😭
how come my iphone survived glastonbury, a speedboat and 300 nights in candy bradford and i drop it in my house and it breaks
RT @savannah_dobbs: I'm working on me to be the best I can be