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Lets hurry up and trade Ingram for Brad Beal! #Lakers #lakersnation
Brad Beal>>>klay thompson
@dom_LRG Dame, Brad Beal, Klaw, Greek freak and joker
#10yearchallenge or just an excuse to post a picture of me looking like an absolute idiot against Brad Beal? 🤔 @ Ch…
@DanteOnDeck Make some kind of package for brad beal. Obvi cant give up too much of the AD stash though
CC: Spurs fans that think mortgaging the future for a player like Brad Beal is a good idea.
RT @NBA_Doughboy: Brad Beal my guy
@Kroekdogg @KDTrey5 Brad Beal has been averaging 31.5 / 7.1 with Wall out. KD + (The Missouri boys BB and Otto) +…
Kawhi, Cp3, Giannis , Brad Beal, Rudy
Games like last gm just magnify the glaring weakness the Lakers have had from the start. At 1 point 4/20 from 3pt r…
Realizing Brad Beal is just a skinny 6’5” Joe Johnson has been a beautiful development in my life
@TriniLo_ @LOND0N_ Only trade i would do is for Brad Beal
@DanteOnDeck Brad Beal, Vucevic, or Kevin Love. We need another gifted vet scorer plus Beal adds defense at the win…
Brad Beal has a chance to be a top 10-15 player, my goodness
@bgussoni Hey maybe We have Brad Beal on the team in 2 weeks 😂😂😂
Brad Beal > John Wall
RT @LPJuss: Ben Simmons, brad Beal, PG, Jimmy Butler and Bron
Ben Simmons, brad Beal, PG, Jimmy Butler and Bron
RT @lordtaylorvb: i’m happy D’Lo balling, nets should pick up brad beal
@Detresss brad beal is your best bet
@lordtaylorvb We need a brad beal Tobias Harris type this off-season for sure