Rage. No apology. Then wants love in return w/ apparently a free pass. Then repeats cycle over & over. Is it supposed to work that way? #BPD
@marvesaty i've made several trips to Spain since I live near the borderline I went to Barcelona and Sevilla https://t.co/3V7VGTaNMW
@borderline_pm se acuerdan de esto? Bueno olvidense porque ya volvi a caer
@glynster61 I believe that's a borderline crime in Austria! Or so I'm told by my Austrian friends all the flaming time
Wow, Thumbs up for the BPD 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 https://t.co/iTGLsIVFMD
The lineup for @UWSoftball putting up really tough at-bats. Good takes on balls and fouling off borderline pitches.
RT @cltrdr: Texas City Refinery (80,000 bpd) - FCC Shut Down: Marathon - Genscape #oott
RT @DownSouthAdz: This generation's gonna have a bunch of kids with parents that are borderline addicted to weed
RT @Yoda_Sakora: Beaucoup attaquent Kemi Seba mais en dehors de la forme de son discours et son côté borderline très peu contredisent le fond.
@Dave_was_here Why do we accept borderline personality disorder?
RT @cltrdr: Texas City Refinery (80,000 bpd) - FCC Shut Down: Marathon - Genscape #oott
Angola’s April oil exports to climb to 1.691 million bpd https://t.co/pnnvxocVye https://t.co/0YVFe7l0mP
@My_Lo saying it like this makes it sound like it was a pick. It was the rights to Marc. But yeah, he was seen as a borderline NBA player
RT @BPD_MN: Congratulations to Sgt Marty Earley who retired after 31 yrs of service to the City of Bloomington! BPD & our city… https://t.co/iIR1tWTp0z
Texas City Refinery (80,000 bpd) - FCC Shut Down: Marathon - Genscape #oott
@DIRECTVService it's borderline fraudulent since your well aware of these issues yet just continue billing customers for a broken service
マレーシア人浮浪者と公園で性癖について語るたきお!!!!! 「やっぱ…おンなのこゎ脚がなぃほぉがえっちだよね(笑)」 そう言うとマレーシア人浮浪者の脚を切断しはじめた!! もはや性別の壁なんか関係なかったのだ・・・ Vault that borderline!!!!
RT @TaraFleurs: I run my finger along the edge of a new emotion: Perhaps this one will not bleed. #fsmpy #bpd
@g_bluestone @Parker9_ He is a malignant narcissist with a borderline personality disorder. The sick fuck thinks people believe his lies.
RT @insta_bgraham: The amount of times I hit snooze in the morning is borderline insane