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50 Cent Adds More Excitement To Soulja Boy Fight Saying Mike Tyson Will Train Chris Brown
@notjamarcus it's like the beginning of pretty boy swag
RT @_gtothed: 161226 #SBS #SAF #GD HQ-4P Swag Golden Boy 🦁🦁🦁👑👑👑
RT @soapforce: Y'all hate on Soulja Boy Like he didn't make pretty boy swag 😑
Y'all hate on Soulja Boy Like he didn't make pretty boy swag 😑
Soujia boy said chris brown copied his whole swag 😭💀✌🏾 bye
自分以外の 誰かに支配を されて居ないと 胸を張れるかよ 俺の Swagなら 君の毛布 君の心配すら ありがた迷惑さ Boy
yea and bring that boy @TMIFLY out of retirement!!! lol
RT @ASAPYams: im bout to get on my white boy swag n start referring to inferior situations as "baloney" juheard dats baloney my guy
RT @DragonflyJonez: If you're snowed in on the east coast, Connor Cook and Brock Osweiler play at 4 if you need a good time to go shovel your car out.
RT @amibla: มาร์คลีผู้เป็น swag boy ของทุกคน แต่เป็น cute boy ของแฮช 😂 ยัยไม่ค่อยชมพิมัคว่าเท่อ่ะคืองง มัคไปทำไรน่ารักๆใส่น้อง…
how come there hasn't been a presidential candidate yet to propose changing the american national anthem to Soulja Boy's Swag Daddy
@missArrogant22 and Says "Jaannn De" Usse (Proper Haryanvi Accent)😍😍 but still that boy doesn't then Rangeela SHOOTS Him!..😱The Swag there😍🔥
@Samue1_Phillips pretty boy swag was heat
@CSAviate Aint nobody gonna believe a beef is real between a guy who made Pretty Boy Swag and a guy who sung a duet with Keri Hilson
@_OhSwavey look at my boy Apple getting the swag up 😂😂
We are playing Turn My Swag On by Soulja Boy
Bibi Boy Swag😎