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RT @freegenobanks: @sawseevee My boy brought the swag back from 4000 years ago #legend
RT @_robertvance: If @RoscoSpears were a boy I’d prolly be married with two babies we bought. Her swag so dope. #friendlove
RT @TheBoonkGang: When you delete the unnecessary people from your life, good things will start happening for you and it won’t be a coincidence.
RT @ASAPYams: im bout to get on my white boy swag n start referring to inferior situations as "baloney" juheard dats baloney my guy
RT @KindOfVisual: The 'boy who probably says swag in public' starter pack.
Lrt. That ain't Jimin. My boy don't walk that. He has a swag about it him. Bye.
@viajetjaguar That little boy got the preacher swag down
RT @Dennis1SmithJr: Ready to see da boy @dak put on a show Sunday 👌🏿 1st win of the year
My mans has his fantasy football team ap on my phone, and he changed his team name to team pretty boy swag.
Soulja Boy - Cheat Code Swag My true energy today
RT @BleacherReport: OH. BOY. 😲
@WEGOTUKE_2 Next, coz I'm a good boy who'd like to have hyung to pamper me. And I'm handsome. And cool. And sw…
im sorry baby, ok,you're swag boy😂😂
RT @kthjnnie: "whos the baby boy of the group?" bts: taehyung tae: [complains] hyung- joon: i'm sorry baby
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