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@FocusRSF1Rally that moment you live in Austin and wanna leave work and go downtown to see it haha
RT @FocusRSF1Rally: We are currently in front of Buffalo Billiards on 6th Street. Come see the #FocusRS, get some swag, and win some…
I had what you could call a chaotic childhood. My parents divorced ... #CrystalBowersox #quotes
Mrs. Bowersox's gr 8 LA Ss share info on Shakespearean social classes then embellish roles of "peasant" & "aristocr…
RT @love_not_h8: seen crystal bowersox in annapolis md WAS BEST SHOW EVER if you dont know who she is CHECK HER OUT NOW!!!@crystalbowersox
@GoldfieldMike @xPeachMilk Michael look, we both know you love my eggplant of a cat Missy.
RT @xPeachMilk: The minute someone utters the words " I hate cats." I am done with them for life. 😂
@GoldfieldMike @sarah_bowersox now you have to put on lipstick and get her back.
Playing Farmer's Daughter by Crystal Bowersox
RT @GoldfieldMike: When I mess my girlfriends headlights up..
listening to Crystal Bowersox at Rams Head Tavern Annapolis
Fuck it, Putin for Prez #2016 #2k16
RT @WPC_GCC: CONGRATS to the @WPCareySchool MBA team (Sayantan, Moose, Chris & Enny) for taking 2nd Place in the MSU Bowersox Su…
I still don't get how you say stifling I always thought it was stife-el-ing
It's not my concern to make a commercial pop record. I want to make... #CrystalBowersox #quotes
RT @HistoryToLearn: Take note everyone, THIS is true love.