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@aTHORable_ @PlayStation shit dude, Xbox is trash watchu talkin bout Willis?
What you talking bout Willis!?! Lol #lies&garbage #Vroom #watchoutlilbih
#NationalFearDay When someone says "I heard something about you"... And you be like "Whatchu talkin bout willis?!"
@OUT_OFMIND what u talm bout Willis 🤔
@DanggNaraa watchu talkin bout Willis 😱😉
@owillis whatchu talking bout Willis?
@caseymil9 whatchu talkin bout Willis?
@lil_davey14 what you talkin bout willis
@GunnerLynch1 you my uber what you talking bout Willis?
@TrippedOutWolf lmao tf u talkin bout, everybody know they not together
@Millerhippie wat chu talkin bout Willis!! Listen to 12/31/15 and tell me it doesn't
@LoveHipHopVH1 Did @mzprincesslove say IF @RayJ has ANOTHER Child outside of our marriage? Watchu talking bout Willis? #LHHH
@BrutalPredateur "Watchu talkin bout willis?"
What you talking bout Willis 👀
RT @willis_cj: U was too busy worrying bout other females you thought the queen u had was average 🤔