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RT @BTS_twt: 인기가요부터 더쇼까지 감동 감동 1위 감샤합니다 이건 선물 :) #꽃석이 #홉꽃
RT @gunterhayden: Never take anything for granted never know when it can be taken away from you
RT @titjo93: @leLab_E1 @Coexister75 le mensonge fait parti de son éducation, c'est dans les gènes de cette dynastie de bourgeois fachos
Bourgeois: platvloerse politieke recuperatie ivm Luc Tuymans expositie Londen, 1 vd grootste grafische kunstenaars…
Submission regarding #bourgeois posted in /r/teenagers : #reddit
Mi infancia no ha perdido nunca su magia, ni su misterio, ni su dimensión dramática. Louise Bourgeois
RT @paari87: #AmarSingh is the epitome of all that is disgusting about bourgeois politics
The weather is beautiful this morning! Come serve up a game of tennis on our outdoor tennis courts @ Bourgeois Hall…
RT @MarkMiller92: Folks be swearing they bourgeois but can't even spell it 😂
@alainchretien vous gagnez combien par mois monsieur le député maire pour m affubler le terme de bourgeois ?
pour épater les bourgeois
@Amatoriam there was a caricature that described bourgeois and work-class featuring the phrase "KOTLETY@THE WEEKEND"
RT @bourgeoistokyo: BOURGEOIS CULTURE MAGAZINE 2nd issueのテーマは【HUMANITY(人間性)】カバーモデルは日本とイギリスの血を持つ中条あやみ。 #BOURGEOISMAG #拡散よろしくね
Bourgeois revolution, Im sure they mean.
Les bourgeois à St cyr sur loire : le 04/12/2016 #Tours #theatre #sortie #etl
Folks be swearing they bourgeois but can't even spell it 😂