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Bots are made for people, and there's people behind #SMEs. #Tochka bank at #efmasme2017
[Salon @Solutions_RH] Conférence IA et bots au service des #RH "On peut éduquer les chatbots pour aider les experts RH" @VMontamat @sopraHR
@DavidSerrault talks to us about the importance of human interaction with bots. #AXABotCamp
How Bots Will Completely Kill Websites and Mobile Apps via @chatbotsmag #chatbots #business
Why you guys wanna leave Bots? 😢 Bots so lit bro!
"Bots : plus d’1 décideur sur 3 considère qu’il s’agit là d’une innovation importante." #digital #innovation #tendan
#Chatbots, une révolution des services ? : retail, santé, RH, les secteurs où les bots sont des atouts
Why can't the porn bots work on some other celebrity like anybody else? Tired of it on this thread.
RT JFS_1969: La mitad del tráfico mundial de #internet lo generan #bots en abc_tecnologia
The bots in me should be working, my temperature is 37.9 C, it is 09:00 on 23/03/2017
Status of musicbots Execution time: 0.96027s Enabled bots: 3
RT @Tuvok2017: From today assume there are no trolls. Zero. Assume instantly they are bots. #BlocktheBots