Tweets about a recent trend: Bots

@DuaLipaVocals yll I madh je princes e bukur Diva bots ki mu Bo o engjull tung nga Kosova Dua
RT @MalwareTechBlog: Dyn HQ - "We need to come up with a number for how many Mirai bots it took to knock out our network"
Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube de @OficialFatality 0/15! - BOTS DA CONDENAÇÃO! ft. Mexicana, IDM Luan e Fefo
RT @SCmagazineUK: Election misdirection: Scammers exploiting presidential race with malware, spam and bots
@_DaveSullivan Case in point re: propaganda bots
@jayacunzo 😂😂😂 literally 5 min after the post, these notifications. The twitter bots are in full force!
Facebook Messenger now supports PayPal payments in bots, will track your PayPal receipts
RT @EdelmanFood: Congrats to @tacobell CMO Marisa Thalberg on winning the 2016 @Adweek Brand Genius award for restaurants! #client
Social Bots: Manipulatoren im politischen Dienste? #bots #bot #botscamp16
Diskussion um den Einsatz von "Social Bots" #bots #bot #botscamp16
Roboter als Wahlkampfhelfer: Social Bots in der Politik #bots #bot #botscamp16
RT @OnPointRadio: ‘It’s so easy to leverage this kind of malware, to use these kinds of bots.’ @annie_bdc
Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube de @Z_Games234 League of Legends: Bots do Capemonho (Ganhando em Italiano!)
@sarahintampa whats " in bots" mean Facebook Messenger now supports PayPal payments in bots
@YoungInformed87 Me too. Follow drudge & breitbart on here & Alex Jones infowar etc. if it's liberal alt media its probly fake & bots=troll
RT @rotka_g: 이거 나중에 역사책에 어떻게 실을려고...??? 박근혜를 내세운 8선녀라는 거대한 권력과 무인의 그림자..... 뭐 이거 어떻게 적어도 등신같ㅌ잖아 뭔데
RT @Naky: - ¿Bots y tendencias? - "SomosLosDeChavezEnLaCalle" 2da, general - ¿Por qué se ríe? - La etiqueta tiene más letras que gente la marcha - o.O
@MathHappens51 @FlyersFB @hockeytweetbot these real life takes are too hot for the bots
RT @bam_mobile: Our bots meetup is next weds 26th Oct at @IWLondon if you've got a live bot and would like to speak, let me know
RT @REZOcast: Join @kjhovey in the fight against mistreated bots. 😢
@madmanweb @prempanicker I've suddenly seen a spike in followers, many with single tweets. Bots or bolly fans, can't tell.
RT @pauldaugh: Good list - I'd add a 9th prediction - #AI will require complete rethink / reshaping of enterprise architecture