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'People are bored of hearing about austerity...' #BeingTheStory
I'm bored at school
You get bored pretty easily I guess
RT @abdo59028949: when hate the place replaced,When people harm leave them,While bored invented new idea,while Foils read More,Do not stand in life see events
@EricTrager18 😂😂 they are soo funny and bored. The only thing they have now a days is their empty big heads and hallucinating dreams. Losers
RT @lilyachty: Need a non boring girlfriend to keep me from being bored
RT @riverwars: look at lupita nyong'o ruining your fav model's career
"I'm not really sure if i'm hungry or just bored." "Alwaysss😅"
i Do Not like physics but im bored and ppl are here and the lighting is better than in the library
RT @TehaZaini96: He saw you, He met you, He wanted you, He liked you, He chased you, He got you, He had you, He loved you, He got bored, He left....
Literally never gonna get bored of Eminem
im gna do it again n trace it on gimp bc im that bored n tht untalented Streaming for @EnVy_Allied so he isn't bored this morning!
Parchayi k saat kyun 😫😫😫 woh bhi 3 photo 😒😒😒
RT @wordnote: Dear stomach, you're bored, not hungry. So shut up.
I'm a bored loser. Ask me stuffs.