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RT @sketchingsprw: I think one of the reasons I haven't wanted to draw CR art lately is that I'm bored w/ how I draw the characters bu…
So last night whilst at work and busy studying I felt bored and decided to download Grindr . Just this morning I ha…
@HoodWhoreTez I’m bored man 💀💀
@AutumnGrande__ Break up with your dad I’m bored, HAHAHA WHAT
RT @alissaaar: My parents gonna be mad bored when i move out cause i bring all the joy to this house😤
RT and Like if you would fuck my ass 24/7 even when I am eating 💦#cumtribute #cocktribute #horny #sex #sexchat
Have an opinion, but be informed, understand the terms you are using and certainly don't dismiss an issue of voter…
Break up with your friends I’m bored
Tanooong kayoo bored akooo!!! HAHAHAHAHHA
RT @hannbecks: i’m bored so naturally this is what i’m doing with my time
RT @laurenromann: i also exist when you’re not bored
RT @law4499: If you are ARMY and feel bored, something is wrong! I feel like I need a clone lol So much work to do! I am streami…
@BTSPHBASE @BTS_twt Im watching Lisa's video on YT and tgen I saw "LisKook" interactions. I watched it but I get bo…
Is it Saturday yet cos I’m getting bored af
RT @norvina1: Break up with your girlfriend.... yeah, yeah cause I’m bored
I’m bored and can’t sleep.
I even tried watching the first captain America movie but got bored mid way
@AhsanAli6494 @MominNazirKhan1 @vivekpandey_oo7 @MushaalMullick Listen... I'm bored 😴😴 with you.. I'm block you for some time....
Sa sobra ka bored, pati table gi input na nakug apil. Jusko ang lobro nlang guroy akng buhaton ani no? 😒