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@setsetton これしかないよね(笑)
Your going to have to change yer attitude if you want independence ?? Example, then you work it out Hallaw T…
Twitterでの色コキなんてフィクションだよ! 本気の色コキはDMからのLINEだよ←
@shintan1028 ねぇ!マジで?? しゅき❤
@Boozer_Begierde 俺はあるもん!!(笑)
@shintan1028 興味ないくせに!(笑)
@Boozer_Begierde ハメられたいじゃなかった(笑)←
@tukidown しょうさん、乙あり!
Saw this on face book. Hungrey agen now. Boozer needs to open a s a p. SH x
RT @Tam__Jardine: @davidschneider Great idea. And if they're struggling to verify who is eligible for the blue passport on the ground…
@RyanJohnNeve Have a good one lids in the boozer now having a pint
RT @treschenko24: Эх, почему я отношусь ко всем людям нормально, чем бы они не занимались и что бы они не говорили, как говорится «он…
RT @will_gilford: And I’m sorry to Mid, but any boozer that takes Stella of its menu and replaces it with bud light, should have its license removed
@Boozer_Begierde かずや君、お疲れ様だよー( ´∀` )b
The new @snowpatrol single sounds like someone with an exceedingly sore throat attempting to sing the chorus of ‘He…
@futomaru0920 (♡>ω<)ヾ('∀`♡)ナデナデ
@___k_e__ng__o 乙あり! ただいま♪
@Boozer_Begierde お疲れさまでした!! おかえりなさいヽ(´▽`)/