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RT @xmarks: @ChrisYoung_43 Very sorry to hear that, Chris. Please see and reinstall Hope that helps.
@ChrisYoung_43 Very sorry to hear that, Chris. Please see and reinstall Hope that helps.
@Bjergsen use firefox bookmark sync
@BartholomeusLB Hi Bart, can you let us know a bit more? Xmarks on Chrome is still available here Hope that helps!
说实在的chrome真的搞得我有点厌烦 只要基本插件都上线我还真想转投edge 反正支持icloud bookmark sync
@mathewjowens @MicrosoftEdge Likewise for bookmark sync to iPhone...but seems good so far!
Another way to read your pdf on cloud, muti-devide with bookmark sync. but no notes and hightlight for pdf....
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Bookmark sync for Google Chrome
@nixcraft @omgubuntu I was using it for bookmark sync on Android and got email from Opera 2 days ago about the hack.
The new Audiobook Player App update is available in the Store. It includes internal component updates and the beta of the new bookmark sync.
Why bookmark sync doesn't work properly using #xmarks nor Google Chrome sync,I have no idea. Must not be hard to develop something like that
@Jfblagden You'll need to install the Xmarks Chrome extension - and login, and should sync automatically!
RT @xmarks: @Jfblagden Hi Joshua, syncs should be automatic as long as you have sync enabled - check out our guide here Thanks!
never should have tried windows icloud bookmark sync. i’ve now got 4 favourites/bookmarksbar folders, all with different contents 😫
@pxy Gotcha. That makes sense, I guess. iCloud bookmark sync is screwed up; almost impossible to delete old stuff.
#love #tech # Xmarks Bookmark Sync for Firefox
Xmarks Bookmark Sync for Firefox via MajorGeeks