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RT @305_143: RT) 잠시 후 6시에 레드벨벳의 'Peek-A-Boo' 음원이 공개됩니다👌 알티하신 분들 중 추첨해서 원하는 브랜드의 치킨 기프티콘을 보내드려요
RT @RV5_green31: 「Peek-A-Boo」 じょいちゃまとめ🐣👌❤️💚🎉🎉 いつもいつも期待以上のものをみせてくれるうちの子たちㅠㅠㅠ 今回の活動も上手くいきますように。💝
@kpop_sthetic SEVENTEEN bongbongie plushie
@olyeosa But boo you know I'll slay any style that i did
RT @sewuIgi: escutem peek-a-boo matem os homens gritem q hino view no youtube stream on melon
RT @perfectveIvet: i made an edit imagining red velvet's peek-a-boo music video as the intro to a season of american horror story :>…
@foxyjeon know why you are not dead? Because I'm still here and I love you! 😘💗
RT @Red_Velvet_KHJ: 뮤직뱅크(Music Bank) 레드벨벳(Red velvet) - 피카부(Peek-A-Boo) Part 2
RT @spodermenpls: boo rt if ur skared
@Maple_Boo 저두요(꼬옥)
RT @oven5vacooked: @imyoung4ever you’re loosing your pants boo
RT @redvelxvt: refrão de peek-a-boo no refrão de red flavor
@TheKevinTheory Exactly. Naw, boo boo. We innis together now.
RT @pisonlayaa: sm ทำ mv ของทุกวงออกมาดีนะ ยิ่งช่วงหลังๆมานี่เริ่มให้มีstoryของทุกmvแบบชัดๆอะ เหมือนเป็นสเน่ห์ของค่ายเลยมั้ง ทำให้…
RT @0bearow: boo i'm not gonna sit here and let u treat me like fuckin shit anymore
Boo is at the selection weekend for the Berks contingent. Hope she doesn't mind walking if she gets selected!…
ในหัวมีแต่คำว่า Peek Peek Peek A Boo Peek Peek A Boo ของจริงไม่ปิ้งย่าง
RT @chartsredvelvet: 'Peek-A-Boo' - 10PM KST Update #1 Bugs (=) #2 Genie (=) #2 Naver (+1) #2 Soribada (=) #5 MelOn (+1) #8 Mnet (+2)
RT @chartsredvelvet: 'Peek-A-Boo' - 10PM KST Update #1 Bugs (=) #2 Genie (=) #2 Naver (+1) #2 Soribada (=) #5 MelOn (+1) #8 Mnet (+2)
RT @hwanydog46: 피카...부...↘피카...부..↗...피카....부..↘....
i'm watching peek a boo again
My boo is back 😍😍😍💜💜💜