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RT @PEACHYBLACKG0RL: professor: you may now begin the exam my brain:
@AbsCoverage Bonk or Zednik, per sources.
RT @JetpackBraggin: Someone date me and we'll read Garfield and eat Taco Bell.
For the 2nd time now this car is paid off. Damn thing will stay that way this time. Ha ha.
@twinfoolz What's it made of?? Solid steel??
RT @Bitter_Bits: Smash Ultimate. How many Gamecube adapters and Gamecube controllers does it take to make me…
The last match Bali United Fc... Bermainlah dgn Rasa Bangga demi lambang Bali di dada 🍻 See u next season 👊 @ Kapte…
@HamidMirPAK Mukalif to bonk tay jaen gaay
RT @ayudh41: Bonk bonk, junjungan kalian cari aman soalnya kapal sudah oleng tuh !!! 😂😂😂😂 CC @Takviri @P3nj3l4j4h @D4Ni3L_Pu…
RT @TheofficaLondon: . Poohbear , Drose , Bonk , Toonk and lil mini😫 i miss my boysss
It's just one of those nights huh
@MoonDooggyInc @lj_summers @etanthomas36 @Complex Okay but doesn't bonk gang do the same thing? Except he doesn't come back lmao.
RT @orange_and_tofu: 次回鑑賞の際に役立つ 「リズと青い鳥」このモブがすごい ベスト5です
@Type1090 東方千年帝国協会…侍魂…ウグーーーーーーーーッ!!!(血を吐く
@Type1090 ヨシミ22歳……
RT @SeanDebTry: Il est 5h 🎶... Paris ... S'éveille 🎶 😛 *Bonk, un pavé* 😭
Il est 5h 🎶... Paris ... S'éveille 🎶 😛 *Bonk, un pavé* 😭
. Poohbear , Drose , Bonk , Toonk and lil mini😫 i miss my boysss
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No matter how old you are , an empty wrapping paper tube is still fun to bonk someone over the head with .
Real talk, English is my first language and I can't understand what other English speakers are saying half the time…
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