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Short, Boney, Carmel, big breast, small feet, goofy, insecure 👐🏾
my sock darts arrived and i'm real happy about them because i love my shoes to make my feet look creepy and boney
My feet are so boney :(
Me: hey i can be a model My mom: but models are over 6 feet and are boney Me: :'DDDDDDD....... MY MOM IS FUCKING SAVAGE WTF
@burtholdt and the hole on the side is bc I have wide, boney feet gross I kno
Custom Hand Painted TOMS -- Skeleton X-ray Boney feet on Black Canvas Classic…
me: my hands & feet are so boney :( Fai: I will marry them
Bitches be dragging dey boney ass feet cross dusty hardwood floors an yall sweet corny freak ass niggas be suckin dey toes lmaoo #nahfool
The swelling finally went down in my legs, ankles, and feet. I forgot how boney my feet are😳
@gothcelot otacon has skinny boney weeb hands which provide more relief them feet.
@Mackenzie_Fnaf He fell to his feet and checked if any of his bones crack. •phew... its ok mackie... just... be careful 'kay?
I want a girl with cute wide feet 😊😊😊 none of those skinny boney dancer feet eww
@_ehizzle worst pain you can get minus a rib tat. But it depends how boney your feet are
#openrp -- boney frame was not much better. He was more than ten feet away from the creature but oh boy could he smell it, Leon was --
@aCydjay @MyopicBloom I'd come back from the grave and kick her ass with my boney feet if I had to
@Slick_Ick i was just about to say that lol. Wale was the closest thing. Tabi boney actually had people beating they feet tho
@yankbecomesbell not at allll. Feet are a lot more boney. I have a bunch. Only one that hurt was on the hip bone