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It's back, and it's hella bolted down
RT @Chahuapa: @ObsrvyryxShadow He's going to sell Brazil lock stock and barrel and everything that's not bolted down & throw in his wife for good measure
@ObsrvyryxShadow He's going to sell Brazil lock stock and barrel and everything that's not bolted down & throw in his wife for good measure
@ArseneWengod @Crazy4NYSports @Braves no, I'm agreeing with you. The time to win is now. Trade everything not bolted down.
Why does this taxi not have have his seats bolted down 🙃
Yet another reason to NOT PRIVATIZE EVERYTHING not bolted down! Privatization is ONLY GOOD 4 its shareholders!
@canignitestars I love in fic how hux's desk is bolted down specifically because he fcks Kylo over it
She put a wicked smile on her face and bolted down the street...😐 #JudgeJudy
@Chwelling no bud. They'll be smashed to bits in hours! They are aluminium so easy to lift and carry in and can be bolted down on match days
We pay out the butt for college, just to sit in the hallway because the door is locked. What are we gonna steal? The bolted down chair?? Tf
"Everything that wasn't bolted down, batman took." - Liam
@KaragrozisPE teach them bodyweight exercises. Make jump ropes. Utilize anything not bolted down in the school
How the heck do you steal an ATM that's bolted down?! @cityofgranbury @TexasPoliceDep @govern @realDonaldTrump
@athenahealth It is insane that you have the 300 pound benches not bolted down!! This was absolutely avoidable!!! Has this happened before
Would be nice to move to and work in an area where black people don't steal anything that isn't bolted down -.- Damn ghettoville
@AdventuringMole + gear once more as he bolted down the path.]
Got my MVP award for today🏆👸🏾: I bolted down the halls before boom got on the bus cause he left his phone & was going to work.
@ProjectAria UT im still cuffed to this radiator, i said not bolted down!!
Remember everyone: fucking random shit on video might make you famous! go out there and start fucking anything not bolted down!!
@KaaliKuri Gauri turned the pallu of her saree whipped through the air as she bolted down the tiled steps. "The Sahib & memsaab are going...
Lovely photo of yours truly! Looking at that flag, I'm glad I'm bolted down! #greatbigrhinos
[@HunterEaston_] «Zoey forced her stiff legs to move into a run and bolted down the street. She turned into an alleyway and dove behind a»
@Bravotv Smart maitre d takes #RHONJ to private dining room as to not traumatize other guests. Hope table is bolted down!
I wonder if the spa bolted down all the tables. You know, just in case. #TableFlipTeresaInTheHouse #RHONJ
The fools had failed to see their folly. The traitor tortoise retracted its head as the guillotine blade bolted down like awkward lightning.