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@baaabcat I might not ever not laugh at "IS THAT JOHN BOEHNER?!"
@sparksjls yeah, the same people who pays for his "FREE" health insurance, Lucifer Cruz was a perfect nickname Boehner gave him😂
@robtr2 The role of government is to compromise, GOP run House refused to do so. That is a breach of duty. Boehner did his job.
@CConniff85 Yeah I do, Boehner folded , that's why republicans hated him and got rid of him
@nytimes @nytopinion Put power back in the hands of the people where it belongs, it's the GOP's guiding principle according to Boehner
BOEHNER: This was 'the most bizarre political year that we've #TrumpTransition #PresidentElectTrump #MAGA #privacy
@robtr2 Everything that ObamaCare promised was systematically blocked by the GOP. Mostly under Boehner.
John Boehner (R-Ohio) had an approximate net worth of $3,621,056 in 2011.
RT @ElishivaAhmose: Gang O' 8 had passed Senate, Brat stopped it when he defeated Cantor! Never Forget Boehner, Cruz & Rubio
Boehner Advises Americans to Delay Getting Cancer for a Year #ThanksObama! You've been #magnificent in the face of #McConnell #Boehner #Ryan "just say no" style of governing(?).
@romens99 @realjohnhoving Like the chance Boehner, Ryan and McConnell have Obama? #MAGA
John can Boehner, but if he fucks up, ill cut off his oter thumb
@Allpoliticst @Phishie_Philly counting the days til he can smoke cigarettes and drink with Boehner...
@MikeLupica 4)GOP blocked all PBO wanted/1-term McConnell/ Boehner refused to say PBO born in US/left Rust belt fallow/blamed PBO/HRC/Dems!
@CorporateBarbie LMAOOOOOO With absolutely no context whatsoever, I KNEW you were talking about Boehner!
@RichardHandlon @John_Boehner_ John Boehner (Former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives).
@CobraTheCure @JudgeJeanine No thanks to Mc Connell & "give me a Scotch, a cigarette and a spray tan" Boehner who REFUSED 2 work w/him
@Tonya_Song It's true. Mind you, it's still okay to snicker at names like 'Dick Armey' or 'John Boehner'. Because, really. You know.
#barry jackson boehner everlane jobs
JOHN BOEHNER would like to learn MANIPULATE DATA, but they already know four moves.
CONTRAPUNTOS on John Boehner, now a Jamaican resident!
RT @SusanStopsongs: SIGN & RT! #SaveSocialSecurity Tell Speaker Boehner and House Republicans No cuts to Social Security benefits ✎…
SIGN & RT! #SaveSocialSecurity Tell Speaker Boehner and House Republicans No cuts to Social Security benefits ✎…