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RT @MrLogic4Dummys: #ufc207 one thing that Nunes should remember
John McDonnell on Sophy Ridge on Sunday
この際ハッキリ言うけどキャラdisするような人にキャラ愛語る資格は無いと俺は思ってる 特にケンゾウは被害者なんやで ケンゾウを望んだのは俺らユーザー それを自分がいらないからってそれを基準にしてみんながそうだと思い込み票が入れば運…
RT @dereckking99: I got a free Twitboat in Ninja Fishing and I still can't stop playing! #addicted #dontbotherme #ninjafishing
Labour MP claims Britons voted Brexit because 'scapegoating migrants was EASIEST option'
RT @dragon_fire_kid: Love to play roblox [firebrand1] is the leader of my favorite game rocitezens😎😎😎
Jeremy Sisto, Kevin Kline, Mary McDonnell "Grand Canyon" #LawrenceKasdan 1991
RT @WarmongerHodges: Corbyn gave a brilliant interview on #marr, McDonnell currently giving a brilliant interview on #ridge. Proud to be a Labour member today.
RT @thebestbond: John McDonnell the man who praises the IRA now says 17.4m Brits are xenophobes
フォースターどうなったんだろう>< 集計中で途中経過も見れない(´・ω・`) 祈りましょう(。-人-。)
RT @OeurmS: ភ្លេងការ​ រសៀលត្រជាក់​ ហោមរោង ...
RT @RENEWGMW: All of my hopes goes to you @netflix i hope you can do something and save this beautiful fandom. #NetflixSaveGMW
RT @JuanitoCollins1: Who Needs that 🔥
Steelers kicker was their best player tonight 🤔
I would believe that a little bit if they at least scored a touchdown tonight.
RT @ultfitnessdon: Heeeeee - yaaaaa !!! End of a great expo, had a blast with guys today. Remember presale rates…
RT @Dodgers: Looks like we found a pair of tickets to tonight’s #NLCS Game 3. Want ‘em? RT this tweet for a chance to win! #LALovesOctober