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@Robinhiscab Pretty certain all in the RMT didnt agree with Bob Crow. They worked for the common good as all good trade unionist should.
Annual nativity fire hazard is out. The ghost of Bob Crow has seemingly taken Baby Jesus out on strike #wheresjesus
@Ubering_London @Yaseenaslam381 It's a human right to join a trade union and it's a human right to have collective bargaining - Bob Crow
@mikecoulson48 @cristinaprkr happily Bob Crow helped to finance Caroline Lucas's first parliamentary election.
David Miliband denies that Bob Crow is Mahatma Gandhi. Huge if true. #labbbcqt2010
@Holbornlolz @MMXVDB Bob Crow will be shaking a fist at that from his ghost train
@c2c_Rail just spotted a suited mgr in a high vis vest on plat at WH blowing a whistle. Bob Crow will be looking down shaking head
Pay to Stay, a policy designed to clobber the late Bob Crow, would not have applied to him as an HA tenant
@BassCabMan @BlackCabNow @The_LCDC sorry arse to City Hall to represent the trade? The RMT gave me a top QC under Bob Crow....
@ardepy @afneil As in his interview with Bob Crow who sadly died. A huge photo of Bob on a deckchair was shown throughout interview..
@fronteratech @JimmyinLondon1 @BarryJWoods Bob crow was anti eu as cheap imported labour undermines Union bargaining rights. I agree.
@WandsworthEye @districtline perhaps the ghost of Bob Crow is watching over them?
@laquamariner @oflynnmep @graemeburton @2053pam Bob Crow- ghastly hypocrite - likewise Prescott had several homes he did not need.
@MirrorPolitics prime example of how tenancy for life is morally wrong was bob crow and his family. £100k+ and he still had cheap rent.
@JimmyinLondon1 Bob Crow, the champagne and cruise socialist who enjoyed the high life whilst the members starved? @miketaylor16481 #ukip
@HeidiOwen12 @JohnHealey_MP @danbloom1 Frank Dobson, Bob Crow, 21,000 council tenants earn more than £60k
@JeremyCorbyn4PM people who earn as much as the late Bob Crow did had no need to have a council house.
@PaulForMayor @LondonCabby1965 DON'T vote Tory.Only interested in sweatshop workforce, with fat cats taking the cream. Rip Bob Crow
@marcherlord1 @mikkil Bob Crow. Or as the ASLEF worker knew him, God. ;-)
@DailyMirror bob crow was on 150 K a year and they couldn't shift him out of his council house
@mrjamesob I can't believe nobody's brought up Bob Crow, the standard reference point for all discussions of social housing.
@YoungAntony Bob Crow worked all his life, paid his taxes, and helped people, he didn't spend his time being down on people, he lived life