Post election riots: FAILED. Jill Stein recount: FAILED. Intimidation of EC members: FAILED. "Fake news": FAILED. "Russian hackers": ______
@MrsSheaWong @Barack_McBush @FrankConniff bernie did beat her in a few rust belt states that essentially won the election for trump
RT @TeaPainUSA: This is the first election in American history that the incoming President is the "lame duck."
RT @OfficialPDPNig: #RiversRerun "I have been vindicated", Governor Wike cried out as security men caught in massive hijacking of elect…
RT @JDowFamily: Republican John Kennedy wins Louisiana senate race in runoff election
RT @reifman: @realDonaldTrump you can skip intelligence briefings when Putin's your boss - Make Russia Great Again…
RT @kurteichenwald: No offense, @chucktodd, but when u say no one was sure Russia behind hack pre-election, shows u need to read more.
RT @MattGertz: The day after reports that Russia acted to help Trump win the election, his SecState pick is someone who opposed U.…
RT @KeithOlbermann: The Russians interfering in our election is, flatly, an act of war. From 9/28: is @realDonaldTrump loyal to the USA?
RT @TheBaxterBean: Ex-CIA Operative: 'If the CIA can prove that Russia interfered with the 2016 election then the US should vote again'
@realDonaldTrump @CNN Constant lying by CNN didn't make Trump lose the election. They must stop now. Their credibility's at an all time low.
@exxonmobil And their CEO is SUPER awesome at helping a hostile foreign government undermine and steal an election. 👍🏻🙄
RT @JuddLegum: Here's an exhaustive list of all the Republican members of Congress calling for an investigation of Russia's interv…
@nytimes @washingtonpost @CNBC @CNN @ABC @CBSNews Where is the proof of Russian influence in our election! You are a complete joke!!!
RT @Bellalindafox: story from The Washington Post. Trump, CIA on collision course over Russia’s role in U.S. election
RT @adama_barrow: The incumbent president has no constitutional authority to reject the result of the election. Forward Ever! Backwar…
Understanding Trumpism: Syllabus co-compiled by Johns Hopkins historian goes viral post-election
Russia interfered with the election on Trump's behalf, while Hillary got the most votes by any candidate EVER....
@LaRaeBelle @memnosoncos @PatrickEastin @SheriffClarke Then we demand a new election if there were illegal votes. A…
Shri, Pranab Mukherji: Overhaul election process, to correct vote bank politics. Democracy i... via @ChangeOrg_India
RT @jason_rumble: @ResistanceParty Donald Trump is a traitor the @GOP are comprised by Russian intelligence they helped manipulate election to avoid exposure
RT @NAkufoAddo: This morning, I attended the Ridge Church, Accra, with my family, to give thanks to the Lord for a peaceful election and granting us victory
RT @TeaPartyCat: Paul Ryan: "Russians stealing the election is bad, but at least I'll achieve my dream of cutting Medicare to give the rich a 5% tax cut."
RT @MMFlint: The CIA has determined Russia hacked into our election to help elect Donald J. Trump. Now Trump names Putin best friend as OUR Sec of State!