Election Fiat ruling: DPP says evidence against Gaymes ‘patently inadequate and weak’
RT @aajtak: #Hallabol, @plpunia-किसानों और मजदूरों के हित में गर SP से गठबंधन करना पड़ा तो सोचा जाएगा. पूरा कार्यक्रम देखें-…
RT @gsurya: Election Commission had buckled when it limply let off communal Sanghi Sakshi Maharaj; but redeems itself with Cycle given to Akhilesh Yadav
RT @nickreeves9876: If #Remain'ers continue to be considerably more motivated than pre-June 23 this is likely to have a significant effect on election results
RT @FieldRoamer: Don’t expect Trump to reinstate special immigration status for Cubans
RT @HispanicsTrump: Does anyone else find it Ironic that the same Dems who are calling Trumps election illegitimate/unfair were fine wi…
RT @FAIRImmigration: Don’t expect Trump to reinstate special immigration status for Cubans via @MiamiHerald
RT @SirJadeja: #AAP: Bhagwant Mann & Guggi #Congressman: Rahul Gandhi & #NavjotSinghSidhu Not Sure If It's Election Or Laughter C…
RT @FABdalongeville: Élection de Bruno Cousein, maire de #berck, comme président de la 1ère agglomération des 2 baies en #montreuillois.
'Renegade Deplorables' Talked Trump Team off Ledge Election Day via @BreitbartNews
Another bucking election. Takes something to piss me off enough to vote. They sure did that this time. #timeforchange
@FoxNews Fox needs to help the Liberals to grow up. They are acting like spoiled children. It is not OK to question the Presidents election.
@ChrisMurphyCT Wish I could believe him but historically he lied 70% of the time during the election, hasn't improved since then.
⚡️ “Northern Ireland assembly collapses with election set for March 2”
Northern Ireland faces snap election amid political crisis
RT @slmom: @StopTrump2020 @oufenix And ran down the Clintons. Why didn't this come out during the election?
@yadavakhilesh @DrKetangiri @laluprasadrjd Lalu kitni bar desh ka election bol ke bewakufi karoge. West main 1 seat leke dekho kamino
RT @ericgarland: Feinstein breaks the seal on new language: Russia changed the election outcome.
@FLOTUS Republicans accepted your husband's election and showed up at his inaugeration. Congrats on continuing the Obama legacy of division.
SkyNews: On tonight's podcast - #Stormont election, when michaelgove met realDonaldTrump and #andymurray #Australi
RT @ACLU: The fragility of the advances marked by the election of a Black president would not have been news to MLK.
YahooNews: Inauguration in sight, Trump continues Twitter assault
RT @JacloPac: The American people must know if #Trumps campaign colluded with the Russian's to sway the election.
RT @ConstanceQueen8: BREAKING : Angela Merkel Backed Clinton's Election With Millions in German Tax Dollars
@troupe5390 be sure to congratulate Bennett on her STO Re-election!