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If she starts texting u consistently out of the blue, appreciate she's using your attention to get over a lack of it elsewhere :)
This forecasting tool aims to keep ships and blue whales from colliding
qualchan. – the spectacle. // Limited to 25 Transparent Blue Cassettes cc: @celldeathtapes
RT @havers_barbara: One of my favorite Nicole @NikkiBeharie outfits it the blue dress she wore for the SH cast portrait made by Coty Ta…
RT @gIowposts: men: women are very hard to read women: actually, we just want- men: such complex creatures women: if u just liste- men: so mysterious
Cookie Monster strikes. Vanilla cake rolled in choc chip cookie crumbles & dipped in blue! Om Nom Nom Nom…
Roses , sky blue begonias are snow sugar feel sweet and so on
RT @BuzzFeedNews: Blue lies matter: How the rise of video shattered police credibility
RT @asari_stsyuk: 翔ちゃん爆笑しすぎて二重アゴ😂wwwwwwwww
@dadsiren yes during jan. of the past few years I whiten my teeth for 30 min for two weeks and it lasts all year im currently day 4 of 14
RT @BankOnA_: Okay but the real question is: When is Alexa gonna bring back her blue hair and style from Survivor Series? It was a loooooookkkkkkk
Rose are red Violeta are blue I'm so in love with... — 😳
The Blue Whale ejaculates over 40 gallons of Sperm when mating. Only 10% enters the female and you always wondered why the sea tasted salty?
@NaritaTohma そうなんですね😂深夜の飯テロでめっちゃ山盛りのいくら丼食べたくなりました〜♡痛風まっしぐら🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼
@blue_opal10 うんうん。もう1回行きたいね!楽しかった~~~はやく映像欲しいね(๑´ლ`๑)フ°フ°♡
RT @EdWorthy10: Dems tweeting to me about low Trump polls. Blah blah blah. Your polls are polling 60% Dems. If I did that my poll would say the Sun is Blue.
Check out Girl's Blue Jordache Brand seath Style Lace Dress Size Small #Jordache #Sheath #Casual via @eBay
RT @box_repsol: The black and white one for GPs on Fridays and the red, white and blue one at the Américas GP. See how they’re made…
Whatever happened to the React t-shirt I ordered few months ago (the "blue volcano that didn't look like a volcano" one)
RT @ValenciaHoops: Vikings are AWAY @ Canyon tonight 6:30. Come out and support! THEME: RED WHITE & BLUE🇺🇸 See you there #VNAT 🔴⚪️🔵