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RT @jumpingkookie: remember when jungkook blow the cake using his nose (ew) 😂😝
imagine on the couch chips in one hand and use the other hand to blow his nose on someone's shirt prolly sehun watching moon lovers ep 16
But we live in a world where a guy could snort paint, and blow his nose on the canvas and sell it as "art".. it honestly has no rules.
& this isn't even the first time, I've heard this man SNEEZE & BLOW HIS NOSE BEFORE like he's got a damn megaphone strapped to his face
If the bloke on this coach opposite doesn't blow his nose I will happily pop it for him
He needs to wake up and blow his nose
Fml I literally got moved next to this kid in English who uses the same towel to blow his nose and wipe off his sweat fml fml it's soo gross
RT @jumpingkookie: remember when jungkook blow the cake using his nose (ew) 😂😝
Although man is concerned learned, how someone else can blow his nose in a way different than himself is a mystery.
i helped a 6 year old blow his nose after reading him a bedtime story... who am i anymore
Got yelled at for using toilet paper to blow my nose. It looks unprofessional. Boss has lunch down his shirt. #thingsmybossdoes
@lisa_w26 @Deathofyou666 @sazzybear2009 If brain cells were dynamite then my mate wouldn't have enough to even blow his nose
*Student sniffles* English teacher rudely says to go blow his nose 😂💀💁🏻 dafuq
Who taught this lil boy how to blow his nose dog? 😭
"Only Draco Malfoy could manage to even blow his nose elegantly, Harry thinks, his lips twitching."
RT @dfassioms: I've just seen a man blow his nose in his hat, & then put the hat back on his head! What the actual f#ck! #commuterproblems
Shoulda blown his nose instead of nosing his blow. @elfcl_erica
This kid needs to blow his damn nose
Listening to my boyfriend blow spaghetti out of his nose is not exactly how I saw my Thursday night going. No, that's not a euphemism.
I really don't need to see Lester blow his nose out in HD.
Did I just see Lester blow his nose onto the floor of the dugout #grossballplayer
soo...this white boy got his shit rocked today nd his nose started bleeding . now everyone say he gonna blow/shoot up the school :/
I'm literally about to grab a tissue & make this kid blow his nose like my mom used to do to me when I was a baby !
This old man playing chess at a coffee shop just went outside to blow his nose. Bless his heart.