How a social media strategy map made @EdLeake a better marketer via @Mention #SMM
RT @C_Rivera28: Social media is filled with false personalities. Many want to jump on all these waves to seem "cool", I suggest them to be in movies.
RT @ParisKidwai: Why do most vegans/vegetarians give it billy big bollocks over social media then usually inhale a dixy chicken after a night out??🤔🤔
RT @Benoo_Brown: Friend: I can't find them on social media Me:
RT @Benoo_Brown: Friend: I can't find them on social media Me:
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Reports of mold found inside of 'Sophie the Giraffe' teething toys are once again circulating on social media. No...
RT @ImaniTsunami: Social media just seems like a very easy way for y'all to mind everyone else's businesses while acting like you're disinterested
RT @catherinetoolan: @StoryRoryCo #storyrory #louthchat insightful experienced Director. branding, concept development social media man…
Which social media platform will Bill Belichick create next?
@BluePhoenix1 @LUCIFERwriters I appreciate good social media skills. They should be rewarded with prime gifs.
RT @Auspicious_Syed: Nowdays peoples get offended too easily on social media. But the biggest Irony is that peoples don't know how many they already offend..
RT @Sam___Hurley: Supercharge Your Blog & #SocialMedia Posts With 5 Easy-to-Use Image & Video Tools (via @digitalcurrent) >>>>>>>…
Klout scores rank individuals from 1-100 over numerous social media platforms according to online social influence @drlaeeqkhan
The Knot Social Media Intern - XO Group - New York, NY Job New York
RT @Benoo_Brown: Friend: I can't find them on social media Me:
RT @jrbronze: keep your $$$, moves, and relationships off social media, it's the devil and nothing good will come of it..
RT @hootsuite: The 4 costliest mistakes businesses make on social media: on @Entrepreneur #ChoiceContent
RT @langleyisai: social media has ruined everything.. standards... mindsets... goals.. society
RT @ayeitsMISSAYE: Big pet peeve: when someone follows me on social media but doesn't say wassup in person. If u wanna be friends online, be a real friend too.
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