ppl that talk about there personal business 24/7 on social media is annoying af.
This is exactly why I don't take advice from social media 😂😂😂
CenTex Chapter is proud to announce a social media upgrade to Twitter!
CNN Arabic - فيصل القاسم ينشر فيديو "مدح دريد لحام لخامنئي": أوهم السوريين بأنه ثائر by #kasimf via @c0nvey
RT @PhatEnough: @AskRushCard the social media said has handle my issue with full concern and great customer care and I Thank Them and take back my tweets
@AdrianDanielFer Parte sí y parte no,ambos generan cortes la diferencia es la clase social. Cacerolazos = a clase media/alta @germanfermo
Only putting this dude on blast cause he doesn't follow me, and hopefully he never finds me on social media. 🙏
@MHChat It starts with the anonymity social media offers the bully. Its easier to access the channels they need to establish a common ground
RT @StartupSupaStar: 5 Ways to Get Your Fans to Market For You Through Social Media: *412
@sturgie19 understand your point but disagree. social media also has content that drains me mentally in ways that F2F interaction doesn't.
RT @pakjaebum: jay parks most extra posts on social media thread 🚫
RT @WilliamMurrayPR: With the rise in popularity of live video in social media what does this mean for live tweeting?
Social media activism has turned into a huge finger-pointing match. Some of it a necessary evil, much of it not. It's pretty demoralizing.
RT @FemaleTexts: Having an ex on social media is annoying. U could tweet "it's such a nice day outside" & they'd tweet "only dumb bitches like nice weather"
RT @trillac_: Social media putting food on people tables. This a different era we living in.
Social media star Jake Paul raises $1 million to become a social media mogul
I'm wearing red sneakers, using social media, and put the gi back on this week... whats going on?! who am I ?!
RT @HungryGents: President #Trump broke a social media record last night..@CarleyShimkus brings us the details #JointAddress
I'm also slipping into a stress induced coma but can only escape by making really stupid tweets on this social media site.
How a Nobody Hacked #SocialMedia Stardom w/o a Website, App, or Ego @iconiContent @Sam___Hurley
@lostindisco @chunkymark Made many times in the last 18 months by Corbyn, McDonnell, others in Shadow Cabinet and many on social media.
#socialmediamarketing is beneficial for business to meet potential customers, generate a #conversion & #sales leads…
RT @Mort3mer: I got a feature in Charla Tedricks website :3