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I have this issue where I check social media so often when I should be studying that sometimes nothing new has even been posted yet #probs
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I've said it once and I'll say it again If you make a big deal out of leaving a social media site, don't come back, you look like a faggot
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RT @ItsJoshCanfield: @verified I updated my username to have it the same across all my social media platforms and my verification vanished, could you please help
Building credibly through social media takes place when honest conversation is built and brand personality is shown #BUSM17
i be curvin, swervin, got you lurkin on all my social media, i ain't perfect and you ain't either.. ONLINE SHOP MAKER #autoblog #FullRSS Supreme Court skeptical of sex offender social media…
RT @williet96: u can block me on social media, block my number, complain about me to everyone you know. Whatever you want to do but you'll never forget me.
RT @KingSolli: YO HELP ME FIND SHORTY @ on any social media!!! I forgot to get her number and social media names😂😭😭😭 She so fine😍😍😍
Social media expose Mainstream media. No one bothers about fake intellectuals!
(feat. a musing of @summeranne's i have never forgotten: the most selfless act on social media is tagging someone in an instagram comment)
I'm just going to avoid airing out how I'm feeling to social media because I always get called out for it and I'm just over it. I hate it.
Im looking for apps to lock me out of social media for a time period, anyone know of any?
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RT @Parkerlawyer: So my kid secretly recorded me driving and singing and put it on social media if you needed to know how important birth control is today.
RT @DavidYankovich: I want to see grassroots/social media represented. @AdamParkhomenko should be named CEO of @TheDemocrats. RT & tell @TomPerez you agree.
[$$] Justices Skeptical on Law Barring Sex Offenders From Social Media
Interesting case btw, it's about NC law banning sex offenders from even READING social media, let alone posting on…